USNA Academic Instructions

Number Subject Date Originator
Instructions <1500-4999 
1500.3 Orientation Program for Newly Reported Military and Civilian Personnel 13JUL93 ADFMA
1531.33F Midshipmen Academic Performance Reports 31OCT08 ADAA
1531.34C Service Academy Exchange Program 27SEP11 CMDT
1531.47C Premedical/ Predental Advising and Selection for Medical/Dental Corps 21AUG01 ADAA


Graduation and Degree Requirements 9MAY08 ADAA
1531.51A Class Standings and Merit Lists 25MAR96 ADAA

1531.53B CH-1

Policies Concerning Graded Academic Work 13APR10 ADAA
1560.3F Voluntary Graduate Education Program 5DEC08 GRADEDPRGM
Instructions 5000-11999 
5060.5F Honorary Title of Professor Emeritus 26OCT10 ADFMA
5420.24G Policies and Procedures Governing the Academic Board 5JAN10 ADMISSIONS
5420.33A Faculty Senate  29MAR99 ADP
Instructions 12000+ 
12430.4B Performance Appraisal of Civilian Faculty Members 28AUG98 ADFMA
12550.4B Civilian Faculty Pay System 5JAN06 ADFMA
12831.1A Status of Retired Civilian Professors 27APR07 ADFMA
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