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Severn river view of the Academy

Building and Department Schedulers

Building Building Code Rooms Times Scheduler Ext Login Id
Alumni Hall AL All All Dave Shaffer  2234 shaffer 
Chauvenet Hall CH  All  Academic Prof. Carl Mungan 6680 mungan
All (but CH100) Non- Academic Roxanne Rehberg 6650 rrehberg
CH100 Non-Academic Edie LaReau 7127 lareau
Hopper Hall HP Volgenau Conference Center All
Luce Hall LU First Deck, Second Deck, LU101 Academic LTJonathan Todd  6544 jtodd
Ground Deck, Third Deck, Planetarium Academic LT Cara Fisher  6073 cfisher
Mahan Hall MA Auditorium All Dave Shaffer  2234 shaffer
Hart Room All Capt Amanda Anderson 1587 aanders
Bldg 105 MU All
Michelson Hall MI All but MI110 Non-Academic Roxanne Rehberg 6650 rrehberg
Mi110 Non-Academic Edie LaReau 7127 lareau
All Academic  Mark Campbell 6619 campbell
Mi136, Mi284 Conf Rooms Terri Paukert  6600 tpaukert
Nimitz Hall NI Ni0004,
Ni0006, Ni0008
Academic LCDR Chris Manning 6893 cmanning
Library Operating Hours Mr Larry Clemens 6901 clemens
Rickover Hall RI Ri102 Edie LaReau 7127 lareau
All others  Academic Ms. Gale Schneck 6310 schneck
Sampson Hall SA G-14 Academic Ms. Jamie Herrera 6300 jherrera

Department Code Scheduler Ext Login Id
Aerospace Engineering EA Major Benjamin Switzer 6466 switzer
Electrical and Computer Engineering EE LT Andrew Smith  6834 atsmith
Mechanical Engineering EM LCDR Andria Jones  6453 amjones
Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering EN CDR Jan RIce  6538 jrice
Weapons, Robotics & Control Engineering EW Barbara Burgett  6101 burgett
Chemistry SC Prof Mark Campbell 6619 campbell
Information Technology SI Prof Chris Brown 6817 wcbrown
Mathematics SM Prof Tas Liakos 6711 liakos
Cyber Science  SY LCDR Chris Hoffmeister  0948 hoffmeis
Oceanography SO CDR Beth Sanabia 6556 sanabia
Physics SP Prof Carl Mungan 6680 mungan
Economics FE Major Mike Martin  6346 mtmartin
Languages & Cultures FL CDR Phil McCorvey, USN  6358 mccorvey
FL Erica Zimmerman 6376 zimmerma
Political Science FP Ms. Linda Bishop  6850 lbishop
English HE LT Mary Senoyuit 6210 senoyuit
History HH Ms. Megan Major 6250 mmajor
Seamanship & Navigation NS LT Cara Fisher  6073 cfisher
Leadership, Ethics & Law NL LTJonathan Todd  6544 jtodd
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