Honor Concept

Table of Priorities

The following Table of Priorities for Midshipmen is as it appears in MIDREGs, CHAPTER 2: TABLE OF PRIORITIES / 2.1 TABLE OF PRIORITIES:

Every Midshipman's priorities are as follows:

a. Orders to report to the Superintendent, Commandant, Deputy Commandant, Academic Dean, Provost, or Officer of the Watch. This includes appearing before Academic Boards, Academic Advisory Boards, Commandant Honor Hearings, Brigade Aptitude Boards, Brigade Striper Boards, and Conduct Hearings for 6K conduct offenses.

b. Orders to report to Battalion Officer, Company Officer, or Senior Enlisted Leader, including Battalion Honor Hearings and conduct hearings for major offenses.

c. Watch. The only watchstanders permitted to miss class are standing MOOWs, RMOOWs, CMOOWs and Duty Drivers. All Midshipmen will make every effort to attend class and watchbills will be written so that no Midshipman misses a scheduled exam.

d. Authorized scheduled medical and dental appointments outside USNA, or appointments at USNA with outside specialists. Six week, twelve week, and final exams shall not be missed for elective procedures.

e. Scheduled pre-commissioning physicals.

f. Mandatory formations and meals.

g. Regularly scheduled examinations of the academic departments.

h. Scheduled class attendance, scheduled labs, scheduled physical education tests, and the PRT.

i. Mandatory events, such as career information briefs, Forrestal lectures, and Company Officer training.

j. Battalion level striper boards, aptitude boards, honor hearings, and conduct hearings for minor offenses.

k. Scheduled team practices and meetings per COMDTMIDNNOTE 1710. This includes only organized, scheduled, coach-run team workouts, and not individual workouts or captain’s practices.

l. Drill, parades, march-ons and other mandatory events noted in the POD.

m. Remedial PE sessions and Weight Control Program Weigh-ins.

n. Tours and restriction musters.

o. Intramurals.

p. Scheduled meetings with an academic advisor or scheduled extra instruction with instructors.

q. Varsity, Club “A” and junior varsity activities other than scheduled practice or competitions.

r. Club “B” and intramural activities other than scheduled practice or competitions.

s. Sick call (non-emergency medical treatment), scheduled medical and dental appointments, and physical therapy.

t. Extracurricular activities.

u. Liberty (including Yard Liberty).

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