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FAQs about Administrative/Name Changes to USNA’s Economics Majors


Beginning with the class of 2018, the codes/names of USNA’s two academic majors involving study within the field of Economics are now:
  • FQE: Quantitative Economics (administered by the Economics Department). This major was previously FEQ: Economics.
  • SME: Mathematics with Economics (administered by the Mathematics Department). This major was previously SQE: Quantitative Economics.

All midshipmen enrolled in the FEQ major or the SQE major have been transitioned to the new major code/name, FQE or SME, respectively. Midshipmen in the classes of 2018 and 2019 may individually request to “revert” back to either FEQ or SQE by submitting a request to the ADAA.

Following are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this transition. If you have a question you do not see listed on this page that you would like addressed, please feel free to email the ADAA.

Q1: What has changed? What is not changing?

A1: The names of the majors have been changed as noted above. Specifically, FEQ (Economics) is now FQE (Quantitative Economics) and SQE (Quantitative Economics) is now SME (Mathematics with Economics). The FQE major is administered by the Economics Department (no change from FEQ); the SME major is administered by the Mathematics Department (this is an administrative change; SQE was previously administered by committee per AcDeanInst 1531.65). No changes to the matrices, courses or other curricular elements have been made for FEQ-->FQE or SQE-->SME.  

Q2: Why were the names of the majors changed?

A2: The names were changed to better reflect the content of each of the existing programs. Academic leaders from across the Yard also sought to provide greater assistance to midshipmen during their major selection process and to reduce confusion between the two majors by clarifying the emphasis (and administration) of each major.  

Q3: Who requested these changes? Who was involved in the deliberations? 

A3: Changes to the names of both programs were requested multiple times in the past (beginning more than two years ago) as part of curricular change requests. In order to minimize confusion, the past curricular changes were approved and implemented without concurrently changing the names of the majors.  Presently, the administrative/name changes are being implemented to better reflect the content and emphasis of each major as they now exist.

During the spring of 2017, discussions were held with the leadership from the Economics Department, the Mathematics Department, the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Division of Mathematics and Science, the two Division Curriculum Committees, the Faculty Senate Yard-wide Curriculum Committee, and the Office of the Academic Dean and Provost. Leaders from all of these groups recommended approval of the changes as summarized above.  

Q4: Did these changes undergo curricular review?

A4: Yes, even though the changes are administrative only and not curricular in nature.  As noted above, divisional as well as yard-wide curriculum committees were involved in the discussions and ultimately supported the changes.  

Q5: For a midshipman whose major code has changed from FEQ-->FQE or SQE-->SME, what will the midshipman’s diploma and/or transcript say?

A5: Diplomas and transcripts will indicate the following:
“Quantitative Economics” for FQE majors and
“Mathematics with Economics” for SME majors.  

Q6: Can a midshipman in FQE or SME change back to FEQ or SQE?

A6: Yes.  A midshipman in the class of 2018 or 2019 may request to revert back to the old major code/title by completing this form. FEQ and SQE are no longer available beginning with the class of 2020.

Q7: What is the timeline for the changes?

A7: The administrative changes were made following the spring 2017 semester. As discussed above, midshipmen in the classes of 2018 and 2019 may individually ask to be “grandfathered” and revert back to FEQ or SQE by completing this form. FEQ and SQE are no longer available beginning with the class of 2020.

Q8. Do the present FEQ/FQE and SQE/SME transitions involve changes to the matrices or any of the FEQ/FQE or SQE/SME courses?

A8: No. These changes are administrative/name only and do not change the content of either major or any courses.

Q9. Who can answer additional general or more specific questions?

A9. The following are some of the key POCs:

  • For FEQ/FQE matters: Professor Kurtis Swope, Economics Department Chair
  • For SQE/SME matters: Professor Will Traves, Mathematics Department Chair
  • For divisional and interdivisional matters:
    • Hum/SS: Col Jon Aytes, Division Director, or Prof Priscilla Zotti, Senior Professor
    • Math/Sci: CAPT David Roberts, Division Director, or Prof Dan O’Sullivan / Prof Mark Elert, Senior Professor
  • For academic advising matters: Prof Pam Schmitt, Director of Academic Advising (DAA)
  • For administrative and other matters: Dean Jennifer Waters, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA)

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