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New and Special Courses

The courses whose descriptions appear here are either seminar courses, experimental courses, one-time offerings, or new courses recently added to the permanent offerings at the Naval Academy. Only courses that are a part of the regular offerings at the Naval Academy are listed in the Naval Academy Course Catalog.  Midshipmen intending to take any of these courses should be aware of how they will be credited in their majors. For information about this, consult with the department concerned or the listed instructor. This listing is not static and so should be consulted from time to time since the offerings may change.  Indeed, prior to the deadline for preregistration, the list is likely to change several times.

Courses are listed in order of their division, then designators (EA333, FR221, NL355, SM422, etc). Credits are listed after the the course title as an ordered triple (R-L-C), where R is the number of weekly recitation-lecture hours, L is the number of weekly laboratory hours, and C is the number of credits.

Division of Engineering and Weapons

Division of Mathematics and Science

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Division of Professional Development

Division of Leadership Education and Development

Division of Character Development and Training

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