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USCGA Courses Offered 2012-2013

Academic Year 2012-2013

Course Course Title Fall 2012 Spring 2013 Comments
0901 Fourth Class Exper F S
0924 Connecticut College F S Free elective; normally limited to one semester
0925 Scholar's Project F S
0933 Jr Hnrs Colloquium S Open to selected cadets; approval required from Prof Zapalska
0935 Sr Hnrs Colloquium F Open to selected cadets; approval required from Prof Zapalska
0940 Peer Tutoring F S
1116 Statics & Engr Dsgn F S
1204 Eng Material Science S
1206 Mechncs of Materials F S
1208 Intro Mech Engr Dsgn F
1211 Dynamics S
1218 Elec Engineering I F
1222 Sgnls/Sys & Trnsfrms S
1224 Intro Cptr Prog F
1301 Materials Civil Engr (T) F For transfers to CE
1302 Materials Civil Engr F
1304 Soil Mechanics/Found S
1309 Environmental Engr I F
1310 Environ Engr Lab F CE exchange at USAFA only
1311 SpclTpcs Geotech Engr S
1313 Steel Design S
1317 Struct Analysis I F
1320 Prin Elec Comm Sys F S
1321 Elec Cir & Machines F
1322 Linear Circuits F
1324 Dgtl Crts & Cptr Sys S
1326 Electromechanicl Sys S
1327 Acoustics and Music S
1340 Fluid Mechanics F
1342 Prin of Naval Archtc F
1351 Thermodynamics F
1353 Thermal Systems Dsgn S
1355 Marine Engineering S
1362 Software Design I F
1370 Mechanisms S
1395 Projects in Engr F S
1401 Constructn Proj Mgt F
1402 Civil Engr Design S
1404 Geotech Engr Desgn F
1407 Environmentl Engr II S
1411 Reinf Concrete Dsgn F
1414 Struct Dsgn/Ex Evnts S
1419 Dir Studies in CE F S
1420 Antennas & Propagatn F
1422 Communication Syst F
1424 Computer Cntrl Sys S
1426 Capstone Proj/EE I F
1429 Digital Signal Prcss S
1431 Electronic Nav Sys S
1432 Computer Cms & Ntwks S
1435 Intro Aerodynamics S
1436 Capstone Proj/EE II S
1437 Engr Experimentation F
1439 Dir Studies/Elec Eng F S
1440 Machine Design F
1442 Prin of Ship Design F
1444 Ship Dsgn/Syst Intgr S
1446 Mechanical Engr Dsgn S
1447 Marine Casualty Resp F
1453 Ship Propulsion Dsgn F
1455 Ship Structures S
1457 Small Craft Design S
1458 Software Design II S
1459 Heat Transfer S
1460 Mod&Ctrl of Dyn Sys S
1466 HVAC Principles S
1468 Projects in NAME F S
1469 Dir Studies/NAME F S
1479 Dir Studies/Mech Eng F S
1480 Design Project Mgt F
1489 Sel Topics El/Cp Eng F S
1491 FE Review S
2101 Intro College Comms F
2111 Eng Comp & Speech F S
2121 Art of Effctv Wrtng F
2123 Writing About Lit F S Upper class cadets needing this course MUST register for the FALL semester
2125 Writing About Lit(H) S
2141 Leaders in US Hist F S
2235 Spanish I F For cadets with NO Spanish background.
2236 Spanish I/II S Placement test required
2237 Spanish II S
2259 Prin of Amer Govt F
2263 American Government F S
2265 Comparative Politics S New number
2267 American Congress F New number
2269 Natl Security Policy F S New number
2270 Amer President Polcy S New number
2274 Intl Political Econ F New number and title
2276 Contem US Frgn Polcy S New number
2281 Intell & Democracy F New number
2285 Soc Sci Resrch Mthds S
2293 Moral/Ethcl/Pol Phil F
2324 Hum/World Lit-LatAm S
2331 Coast Guard Spanish S
2335 Spanish III F
2336 Cnverstional Spanish S
2337 Spanish IV S
2358 Pol N Afr &MidEast F New Course
2359 African Politics S New Course
2360 Sel Topics Phlsphy S Eastern Philosophy
2361 Political Theory S
2367 Interntnl Relations F
2374 Irregular War S New Course
2375 Strategic Intell S New Course
2391 Criminal Justice F S
2393 Moral & Ethical Phil F S
2395 Rhetoric & Crtrm Adv F S
2421 Dir Stds/Humanities F S
2429 Creative Writing F
2439 Advanced Spanish F
2457 Public Policymaking F
2462 Sel Top:Pub Policy F Political Communications
2463 US Maritime Hist/Pol F
2467 Environ Pol & Ethics S New title
2468 Relg/Pol & Globalztn F New Course
2471 Area Studies F Asia in World Affairs
2476 Democracy in America F
2479 Dir Studies/Govt F
2481 Intell & Nat Sec Pol F S
2493 Maritime Law Enfcmnt F S
2494 Maritime Std: SelTpc S New Course
2495 Adv Research Proj F S
2496 International Law F
2497 Constit Law & H. S. S
2498 Senior Thesis F S
3107 Intro to Calculus F 4/c by placement only
3111 Calculus I F S
3112 Calculus I S 4/c by placement only
3115 Calculus II (V) F 4/c by placement only
3117 Calculus II F S
3211 Multivariable Calc F S
3213 Probability & Stat F S
3215 Differential Eqtns F S
3221 Linear Algebra F
3231 Linear Optimization S
3237 Discrete Mathematics S
3301 Adv Engineering Math S
3311 Advanced Calculus S
3333 Ntwk & Non-Lin Optzn F
3335 Comp Model Languages F New title
3336 Information Systems S
3341 Probability Theory F
3343 Mathematical Stats S
3351 Probability Models S
3447 Linear Regression F
3453 Decision Models F
3463 Sim w/Risk Analysis F
3471 Operations Analysis S
3479 Dir Studies/OR F S
4095 PE USAF F S
4096 PE USNA F S
4097 PE USMA F S
4101 Dvlmntl Swimming F S
4102 Prin Fitnss/Well I F
4103 Personal Defense I S
4111 Swimming F
4112 Prin Ftnss/Well II S
4204 Lifetime SprtsI/RQBR F S 2nd and 3rd quarters only
4214 Lifetime SprtsII/Glf F S 1st and 4th quarters only
4222 Professional Rescuer F S
4303 Personal Defense II F S 2nd and 3rd quarters only
4304 Lifetime SprtsIII/Tn F S 1st and 4th quarters only
4400 Remdial Physci Tng F S
4401 Water Safety Inst S
4404 Badminton F Half semester 2nd or 3rd quarter; requires second course
4405 Adventure SprtsI/RC F Fee required
4407 Dance F S Fee required
4409 Horseback Riding F S Fee required
4411 Scuba Diving F S Equipment purchase/fee required
4414 Advanced Golf F S Half semester 1st or 4th quarter; requires second course/greens fees required
4415 Adventure Sports II S
4421 Advanced Scuba F Fee required
4439 Theory of Coaching F S
4444 Indoor Rcrtnl Sprts S
4459 Sport/Wellness Ldr F S
4464 Strength & Conditng S
4483 Sel/Tpcs Sailing F
4484 Sel/Tpcs SpinFitness F S
4489 Sel/Tpcs Yoga F S
4501 No PE Requested F S
4924 Conn College P.E. F S
5102 Chemistry I F
5106 Chemistry II S
5108 Chemistry II Honors S
5232 Marine Biology F
5234 Marine Geochemistry S
5238 Physical Oceanogrphy S
5240 Meteorology F
5247 Projects in Mar Sci F S
5257 Projects in Physics F S
5262 Physics I F
5266 Physics II S
5306 Physical Chemistry F
5312 Analytl Methods/Chem S
5330 Geospatial Sci I F
5334 Fisheries Biology F
5342 Bio/Chemical Oceans S
5350 Ocean Dynamics F
5352 Waves and Tides S
5379 Dir Studies/Mar Sci F S
5389 Dir Studies/Physics F S
5402 Organic Chemistry F
5415 Hazardous Materials S
5417 Toxicology S
5420 Chemometrics F 1 credit course
5421 Projects in Chem F S
5429 Research in Chem F S
5430 Geospatial Sci II S Advanced GIS
5436 Coastal Oceanography F
5439 Dir Studies/Chem F S Number Change
5441 Marine Pollution F
5442 Atmospherc & Mar Sci F S
5443 Marine Ecology F
5445 Fisheries Management S
5449 Research in Physics F S
5459 Research in Mar Sci F S
5469 Research in GS F S
5475 Intro Geospatial Sci S Offered to Non-MES majors
5477 Optics F
5489 Sel Tpcs Medicinal Microbiology F
5498 SelTps Coral Reef Ecol   S New course - maximum of 14 students
5499 SelTpc Sci of Terror S New course
6101 Fund of Navigation F S
6201 Ships & Maritime Sys F S Lab for 6201; may be taken concurrently OR independently 
6202 Apps in Nav Lab F S MUST be taken 3/c year!
6210 Pvt Pilot Grnd Sch F S
6301 Maritime Watch Offcr F S MUST be taken 2/c year!
6310 Marine Safety Prof S New course
6401 CG Div Officer F S
6459 Sel Tpcs ProMarStds F S
6469 Projects/ProMarStds F S
6489 DirStds ProMarStds F S
8115 Macroeconomic Prin F S
8201 Intro to Mgmt & Bus F S Spring version is only offered to late entrants to the major.
8211 Org Behavior/Ldrshp F S New title
8217 Microeconomic Prin F
8246 Financial Accounting S
8331 Management Info Sys F
8342 Marketing S
8346 Intermdte Fin Acct F
8348 Managerial Acct F
8349 Financial Management S
8357 Human Resource Mgt F
8358 Negt & Conflict Mgmt F
8360 Cost Accounting F
8361 Supply Chain Mgt F
8363 Ops Rsrch/Proj Mgmt S
8366 Ldrship/Org Dev/Chg S New title
8415 Personal Finance F S
8417 Investment Theory S
8419 Info Tchnlgy in Org S
8429 Managerial Psych F
8439 Diversity & Ldrshp S
8440 Federal Budgeting S
8441 Legal Environ Bus F
8443 Strategic Management F
8445 Public Mgmt Consult S
8446 Auditing&IntrnlCntrl S
8448 Sel Tpcs Fin/Acct/EC F S
8449 Sel Tpcs IS/DS F S Fall - Info Sys Security
Spring - Risk Analysis & Security
8450 Sel Topics in Ldrshp S Entrepreneurial Ldrshp
8468 Dir Std/Fin/Acct/Ec F S
8469 Dir Studies/Mgmt F S
8470 Dir Studies/IS/DS F S
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