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SSA Course Equivalents

The Table of Course Equivalents for Semester Study Abroad is linked here.

The Table of Course Equivalents is intended as a convenience to assist midshipmen who are considering the Semester Study Abroad Program and their advisers. It lists courses that have been approved for midshipmen to take at international institutions and the Naval Academy courses for which they will receive credit. Every course taken by midshipmen for credit at their host institution must have an approved equivalent at the Naval Academy. 

While an attempt will be made to keep this table current, it is not a guarantee that the courses listed will be offered at the host institution. Midshipmen should pay attention to the date of last revision of this table. Equivalencies that have been updated within the past three years may be used in a student academic plan without the need for a syllabi review, unless requested. Courses that have not been updated in the past three years require an updated syllabi review, but the listing can still provide a "starting point" to assist with planning. Courses ofetn change from semester to semester, so when possible the student should seek confirmation that the course in question is being offered in the semester the student plans to study abroad. 

It is understood that despite the best plans, midshipmen may need to change their academic programs when they arrive at their host institutions. In the instances when there is a conflict in scheduling abroad, this table can help in identifying alternate courses. All program changes must be approved by the Student Academic Development Office, following the processes that are described in the Study Abroad Google Classroom.

Additional information about the Semester Study Abroad Program can be found here

Course Equivalents by Program
Argentina IES
Australia ADA
Austria TMA
Canada RMA
Chile CNA
Czech Republic CIEE
Egypt AUoC - Language
Egypt AUoC - STEM
France FNA
Germany HSU
Ghana CIEE Legon
Hungary AIT
Hungary BSM
Isreal Defense Academy (IDF)
Isreal Haifa
Isreal Tel Aviv U
Italy IES
Italy INA
Japan IES
Japan JNDA
Korea CIEE
Latvia DU
Morocco AALIM
Morocco IES
New Zeland
Portugal PNA
Singapore NTU
South Africa CIEE
Spain CIEE
Spain ENM
Taiwan CET
Taiwan NTHU
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