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Academic Dean and Provost Notice

15 Aug 19


From: Academic Dean and Provost


(a) ACDEANINST 1531.61, Courses, Classes, and Semester Examinations
(b) ACDEANINST 1531.62, Academic Reporting System
(c) ACDEANINST 1531.59, Majors, Course Enrollments, and Changes
(d) ACDEANINST 1531.82, Course Policy and Syllabus Content
(e) ACDEANINST 1531.58, Administration of Academic Programs
(f) ACDEANINST 1531.64, Academic Accountability
(g) USNAINST 1531.53, Policies Concerning Graded Academic Work

1. Purpose. To describe schedules for classes, marking periods, submission of grades and academic performance reports, and to emphasize several items concerning academic administration at the start of a new semester. The guidance for previous and following years is similar; specific (e.g., date) changes are highlighted in red.

2. Academic Schedule.

a. The calendar for the fall semester of Academic Year 2019-2020 (AY20) is available online at

b. The first day of classes for the fall semester is Monday, 19 August 2019. The last day of classes is Thursday, 05 December 2019. Weekdays with no classes will occur on Monday, 02 September 2019 (Labor Day), Monday, 14 October 2019 (Columbus Day), Monday, 11 November 2019 (Veterans Day - Obs), and Thursday-Friday, 28 - 29 November 2019 (Thanksgiving Break). A Monday class schedule will be in effect on Tuesday, 03 September 2019, the day immediately following Labor Day. A Friday class schedule will be in effect on Wednesday, 27 November 2019, the day immediately preceding Thanksgiving. No other day during the fall semester will have a class schedule different from that normally associated with that calendar day.

c. The normal schedule of class periods during the semester is as follows:

Normal Class Schedule
Period Duration
1 0755-0845
2 0855-0945
3 0955-1045
4 1055-1145
5 1330-1420
6 1430-1520
7 1530-1620
8 0755-0910
9 0955-1110
10 1330-1445

Apart from emergencies or inclement weather, this schedule of class periods is applicable through ALL days of the fall semester, with the exception of Wednesday, 27 November 2019, the day before the Thanksgiving break. On this day, an early schedule will be in effect, which is as follows:

Early Class Schedule
Period Duration
1 0655-0745
2 0755-0845
3 0855-0945
4 0955-1045
5 1055-1145
6 1155-1245
7 1255-1345
8 0655-0810
9 0855-1010
10 1055-1210

d. In the event of hazardous weather, one of the following schedules may be in effect.

Delayed Start Class Schedules
Delayed Start
aka "2-hr Delay"
Period Duration
1 0930-1020
2 1030-1120
3 1230-1320
4 1330-1420
5 1430-1520
6 1530-1620
7 1630-1720
8 0930-1045
9 1230-1345
10 1430-1545
AM Canceled/Delay
aka "4-hr delay"
Period Duration
1 canceled
2 canceled
3 canceled
4 canceled
5 1430-1520
6 1530-1620
7 1630-1720
8 canceled
9 canceled
10 1430-1545

Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to cancel all classes. To determine the operating status of the Naval Academy, call the Hazardous Weather Hotline at 410-293-0032 and/or be sure to be signed up to receive additional automated notifications through USNA's chain of command. The schedules above appear at:

3. Academic Reserve Periods and the Schedule of Xperiod Tests During Academic Reserve Periods.

a. The first Academic Reserve Period is scheduled from Monday, 23 September 2019 through Friday, 27 September 2019 (inclusive). The second Academic Reserve Period is scheduled from Monday, 28 October 2019 through Friday, 01 November 2019 (inclusive). Faculty members are highly encouraged to schedule examinations and other important academic assessments during these Academic Reserve Periods since activities that interfere with midshipman class attendance or study time will not be scheduled during Academic Reserve Periods. Exceptions because of exceptional and/or unpredictable developments (such as varsity sports post-season tournament invitations) must have the approval of the Commandant of Midshipmen and the Academic Dean, per ref (a). 

b. The schedule for Xperiod exams is posted at when available, and may be updated as needed. Xperiods are conducted during the time interval 0655 to 0745. Note that there may be conflicts involving midshipmen in the courses scheduled for Xperiod exams. Therefore, Department Chairs must determine those midshipmen for whom conflicts exist and make appropriate arrangements to resolve them. The number and identity of the midshipmen with conflicts may be determined from the module Midshipmen – Course Conflicts accessible from the Faculty menu of MIDS.

4. Submission of Grades and MAPRs. Grades and MAPRs for each of the marking periods must be submitted via MIDS. Departments will announce earlier schedules that will assure smooth administration of the reporting process and meet the absolute MIDS deadlines tabulated below. Faculty members must adhere to these earlier departmental deadlines. Reference (c) applies.

Deadlines for Grades and MAPRs
First Marking Period
Second Marking Period
Grades 1600 Tuesday, 01 Oct 2019 1600 Tuesday, 05 Nov 2019
MAPRs 1600 Thursday, 03 Oct 2019 1600 Thursday, 07 Nov 2019

Department chairs will announce earlier deadlines for their courses to assure timely processing of midshipman records. Deadlines for course grades and MAPRs to be submitted at the end of the final examination period will be announced later. Grades at the end of each marking period are assumed to be CUMULATIVE. Furthermore, since grades are used for a variety of important purposes, they should represent each faculty member's best judgment of each midshipman's performance to date. The practice of awarding "blanket" grades is not authorized.

Faculty members are reminded that any Incomplete grades from the previous semester should be resolved at the earliest time possible in the current semester and changes of grade should be submitted to the Registrar in accordance with reference (c). Too, any end of course grade change must be made within 4 months of the original submission.

5. Adding and Dropping Courses. Midshipmen may not add courses after Tuesday, 03 September 2019. Midshipmen may not drop courses after Friday, 08 November 2019. See reference (c).

6. Review and Final Examinations. All courses will conduct final examinations during the Examination Period, the only exceptions being those approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Friday, 06 December and Saturday, 07 December 2019 are scheduled for review and study. These days are reserved for academic purposes and may not be scheduled for any activity that mandates participation by midshipmen. In particular, mandatory events by teams, clubs, or other ECAs are not permitted during the academic day. See reference (a). Final examinations will begin on the morning of Monday, 09 December 2019 and continue daily, with the exception of Friday-Sunday, 13-15 December 2019, until Wednesday, 18 December 2019. Two examination periods, each of 3 hours duration, will occur each day at 0755 and at 1330. In addition to these, a third examination period may be scheduled on certain days in the evening, 1930-2230. The detailed schedule of final examinations will be published in late September or early October. Midshipmen should not make travel plans prior to the publication of the final examination schedule. Requests to alter a midshipman’s final examination schedule to accommodate travel arrangements made in advance of the publication of that schedule will not be approved.

7. Standard Classroom Protocols. The Naval Academy is both a college and a military command. Each of these aspects of the institution imposes certain constraints and requires certain protocols. Midshipmen are expected to attend every class unless officially excused. Every class is expected to be taught by the assigned faculty member or an approved substitute. Only the assigned instructor(s) and midshipmen officially enrolled in a section should be present in the classroom. Other individuals (midshipmen, prospective midshipmen, faculty or staff members) may visit a class for evaluation purposes, normally not to exceed once or twice per semester. Auditing courses is normally not approved for active midshipmen and is not approved for faculty or staff members unless the faculty or staff member is directly supporting the course (e.g., lab technician) or is observing the course in order to prepare to teach the course in the future. Midshipmen and faculty members are expected to be attired appropriately, afford one another normal courtesies, and treat each other with dignity and respect. At the start of every class, the midshipmen will come to attention and the section leader will report absences to the instructor. At the end of every class, the section leader, at the direction of the instructor, will again bring the section to attention and dismiss the section. The instructor may permit midshipmen to drink but not to eat during class. Midshipmen should make head calls prior to class to avoid the need to do so during class.

8. Course Policy Statements. All instructors must distribute copies of their course policy statements to their students at the start of the semester, per reference (d). Course policy statements should be reissued when significant changes are made by the instructor. At a minimum, these should address learning outcomes, grading policies and availability for extra instruction. The expectations for submitted work, including referencing/citing other resources, should be included in course policy statements and further discussed during class as needed. Additional items recommended for inclusion on course policy statements include statements explicitly addressing the expectations for professionalism, dignity, and respect within and beyond the classroom. A copy of the course policy statement should be kept on file in the department office. See reference (e).

9. Section Leaders, Absence of Instructors. Each instructor must select a section leader and an assistant section leader for each of his/her sections. Normally, the section leader and assistant section leader are chosen from among the most senior midshipmen present. In addition to reporting absences, the section leader is responsible for alerting the department office in case the instructor is absent. While waiting for a substitute instructor, the section leader should direct the class in productive study. Under no circumstances should midshipmen dismiss themselves from a regularly scheduled class. See reference (f). Instructors should remind their sections of this policy.

10. Midshipman Accountability. Instructors will record accountability for each meeting of their sections via MIDS. Instructors are not to adjudicate midshipman excuses; their role is accurate and timely reporting. A separate system, administered by the Commandant's staff, will determine the validity of excuses for lateness, early departure or missing class. Instructors are expected to run MIDS for each meeting of their sections as soon after the meeting as possible. Division directors and department chairs are responsible for monitoring the timely submission of MIDS reports by their faculty. The MIDS system will generate email reminders to instructors when reports are overdue.

11. Prerequisites. Too often midshipmen register for the wrong courses and discover their errors after the deadline for adding new courses. All instructors should verify, on the first day of class, that all of their students are in the proper course and have met all prerequisites. Instructors should verify their rosters against those posted on MIDs and resolve all discrepancies as soon as possible. Only department chairs may waive prerequisite requirements.

12. Testing. Faculty members and midshipmen are reminded of the policies concerning the administration and reproduction of tests and the preparation and submission of academic course work. These policies appear in reference (g).

13. Advising, Preregistration, and Registration. A separate notice, to be distributed later, will provide guidance concerning academic advising and the schedules for preregistration and registration.

14. This guidance and its supporting materials are posted online on the USNA Academics website under Academics | Academic Dean | Rules and Regulations.


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