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Blackboard FAQs

Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions for Fall Semester AY14

Many people have had questions regarding the roll-out of the new version of Blackboard.  Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.  If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to contact IRC. Additional assistance is also on their website at

Is the switch to the new version still going to be voluntary for the Fall semester?  Yes.  Both Blackboard versions will be available for Fall semester, but the old version will not be available for Spring Semester.  The new version (9.1) will be available at and the old version (7.1) will be available at  There are many advantages of switching to the new system immediately, including the availability of Blackboard Mobile, which allows students and faculty to review content, etc. from their mobile phone or tablet.  For more information on the new version, please see

When will faculty be getting access to the new version of Blackboard?  We plan to make the new version available by 2 August 2013.

Will the sections automatically be assigned to faculty members with the new version of Blackboard just as they are in the current version?  Yes, everything is automated and integrated with MIDS in the same way as it was with the old version.

Will the link to the new Blackboard be on the USNA homepage?  Yes, links to both Blackboard versions are on the USNA Intranet homepage.

Can I build my course in the old Blackboard system now and then export it to the new system?  Yes.  Obviously, you can't take advantage of the new features until the course is exported to the new system.  However, you can begin building your course now on the old system if you'd like, and then export it to the new system when it becomes available later this week.

If faculty members build their classes on the old Blackboard, will they automatically migrate to the new blackboard?  No.  Any courses created on the old Blackboard system will need to be manually archived or export from the old system and imported into the new system by the faculty member.  If assistance is required, we'll be happy to provide it.  We can't do it in an automated manner because we would end up overwriting the courses of faculty members that did move to the new version.

If faculty members add content to the current blackboard content system, will it automatically migrate to the new content system?  No. Per IRC's previous email and the notice that has been on the login page of the old Blackboard system since May, any content system content added to the old system after May 25, 2013 will need to be manually migrated to the new system.  This is another case where automation would overwrite files that faculty changed on the new system.
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