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AcDean Office Furlough Schedule

The following is the planned furlough schedule for the Office of the Academic Dean and Provost. On these dates, it is expected that all Deans, AcDean Budget Office, AcDean HR and direct AcDean support staff will not be available, so please plan accordingly. Note that other functional groups within USNA Academic Programs (e.g., departments) may and will likely have different furlough schedules.

Due to the federally-mandated furlough, the Office of the Academic Dean and Provost shall be closed on the following eleven (11) six (6) days:

  • Friday, 12 July
  • Friday, 19 July
  • Friday, 26 July
  • Friday, 2 August (However, due to New Faculty Orientation scheduled for Friday, 2 August, the Deans will move their furlough day to Thursday, 1 August.  The AcDean support staff will be available on Thursday, 1 August, but the Deans will be furloughed that day.)
  • Friday, 9 August
  • Monday, 12 August (partial closure)
  • Tuesday, 20 August (canceled)
  • Friday, 30 August (canceled)
  • Tuesday, 10 September (canceled)
  • Wednesday, 18 September (canceled)
  • Thursday, 26 September (canceled)

Note that this schedule may change. Although the schedule was developed in order to help minimize interruption of the AcDean Office's essential services, we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences the furlough schedule may cause.

For more information on the furlough, please contact USNA's Human Resources Department: Public |  Intranet Human Resources Department

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