COVID-19 Admissions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


DoDMERB posted on their website that anyone testing COVID positive will be automatically Disqualified Medically. Is this true?

Based on what is currently known, the vast majority of young people recover without medical issues. In this context, there are no plans to deny admission to individuals who are diagnosed with COVID-19 and recover.  If your healthcare provider recommends being tested, we strongly encourage you to follow their advice, without worrying that your testing will impact your ability to accession as a Midshipman.

What impact will the current teaching method have on GPA and how will Admissions view transcripts (Pass/Fail or early graduation) due to COVID-19?

In evaluating every candidate, USNA reviews a plethora of academic information provided by students and their school officials in evaluating each person’s qualifications for admission.  These include grades, GPA/Class Rank, curriculum rigor, grade trends, evaluations of school officials and college entrance examinations (SAT/ACT).  The Naval Academy will continue to use these factors next year, but does understand local decisions concerning early graduation or pass/fail grades may be reflected in candidate files.  Please be assured, our Admissions Board will take these in consideration for each person affected by changes made in their school officials.  To assist us, candidates and/or their counselors should inform us of any changes to their curriculum when submitting their applications for review.

How will a lack of standardized test scores affect the opening of my USNA application?

We do not anticipate lack of standardized test scores will affect opening a USNA application.  If a rising senior has not yet taken the SAT and or ACT, we will use the PSAT scores on file to open an application for the student or may request a transcript with your GPA/class rank.  The testing agencies are expected to provide more test dates in the fall to offset the spring cancellations..

I was scheduled to take the ACT/SAT, but it was cancelled. Will the requirements and timelines be changed for the Class of 2025?

At this time, we do not anticipate changing either requirements or timelines, but we are monitoring this issue closely. We understand that tests have been canceled across the country, however early communication from ACT and SAT indicate that they plan to increase the tests available in the fall.  ACT and SAT’s current plan should facilitate a normal admissions timeline for the class of 2025.