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Physical Education

The Physical Education Department is tasked with accomplishing one third of the mission of the Naval Academy. Our goal is to prepare midshipmen physically to become professional Navy and Marine Corps officers. This mission is accomplished through a rigorous course of instruction in the fundamentals of swimming, personal defense, wellness, recreational sports, as well as through the regular administration of the Physical Readiness Test. Midshipmen must meet basic physical education requirements during all four years at the Naval Academy in order to graduate.

Fourth Class (Plebe) Year:

Boxing: The boxing class awards midshipmen grades based on proper form, offensive and defensive techniques, fortitude, and ring craft during a competitive bout against an opponent of the same size, experience, and gender.

Wrestling: Wrestling participants are awarded grades based upon their ability to execute skills such as; take-downs, rides, escapes, reversals, and pinning combinations during a live wrestling match. Opponents are categorized by gender and body weight.

Swimming: 4th class swimming tests midshipmen in the elementary backstroke, breaststroke, 5-meter tower jump, 40 foot underwater swim, as well as the 200 meter swim.

Third Class Year:

Swimming: 3rd class swimming tests midshipmen in the crawl stroke, abandon ship drill, 50 foot underwater swim, inflation, sidestroke, 400 meter swim, as well as the Navy third class swim test.

Martial Arts I: The Martial Arts I course curriculum is a combative class designed to tie together the principles of wrestling and boxing in a competitive classroom environment. The course is a stepping stone for continuing in Martial Arts II.

Second Class Year:

Swimming: 2nd class swimming is an 8 week class dedicated to teaching midshipmen the skills necessary to pass the 30 minute swim test in khakis.

Personal Conditioning: Midshipmen will learn lifelong habits of physical education, develop a personal fitness plan that is adaptable to any environment, as well as understanding the key elements of nutrition.

Martial Arts II: The Martial Arts II course is an application of Marine Corps & Mixed Martial Arts ground fighting techniques.

First Class Year:

Electives: Midshipmen have the opportunity to acquire skills in a lifetime sports activity. The physical education department offers eighteen (19) electives including advanced boxing, introduction to climbing, advanced climbing, fitness testing & assessment, fitness, first aid, golf, kayaking, gymnastics, martial arts III, martial arts IV, racquetball, squash, swim conditioning, tennis, triathlon, water polo, volleyball, and weight lifting.

Physical Readiness Test: In addition to the four years of Physical Education classes midshipmen must pass the Physical Readiness Test every semester. The test requires male midshipmen to run a 10:30 minute mile and a half, do 65 curl-ups in two minutes, as well as complete 45 pushups in two minutes. Female midshipmen must run a 12:40 minute mile and a half, do 65 curl-ups in two minutes, as well as complete 20 pushups in two minutes.

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