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Summer Seminar activities
Summer Seminar activities

Application Overview

When filling out the Naval Academy Summer Seminar application, you should keep in mind that you will NOT have the ability to save and continue your application at a later date. For that reason, please make sure you have the following information available before beginning the application:

  • Congressional district
  • Class rank and size (you will be asked to estimate if your school does not rank students)
  • Grade summary (you will be asked to complete a checklist of classes you have taken and should be able to provide your grades in those classes; if you are currently enrolled in the class, you should put your estimated grade)
  • Personal Statement (1000 character limit, answering the question "Why are you interested in attending the Naval Academy Summer Seminar? Have you received any awards (STEM-related [science, technology, engineering, math], leadership, etc.) or been involved with any activities, groups, conferences in these mentioned areas?")
  • Please do not mail additional items to our office (transcripts, letters of recommendation) as these items are not required for the NASS application and we have no way of storing them. You will be asked for these items at a later date if you become an official candidate for admission to the Naval Academy.
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