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Aerospace Engineering
Hanging Airplane
Aerospace Engineerers with a rocket
Aerospace Engineering


Course descriptions for Aerospace Engineering major and non-major courses.

Majors Courses

Principles of Aerospace Engineering I
Structural Mechanics for Aerospace Engineers
Mechanics and Materials for Aerospace Engineers
Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering II
Engineering Analysis
Gas Dynamics

Astronautics Track

Track Required Courses

Astrodynamics I
Rocket Propulsion
The Space Environment
Spacecraft Communications and Power
Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control
Spacecraft Systems Laboratory
Spacecraft Vehicle Design

Track Electives

Human Spaceflight
Astrodynamics II
Space Operations
Rocket Propulsion II
Aerospace Structures II
Structural Dynamics

Aeronautics Track

Track Required Courses

Aerodynamics I
Aerodynamics II
Wind Tunnel (Laboratory)
Airplane Stability and Control
Flight Propulsion
Aircraft Performance and Design
Aerospace Vehicle Design

Track Electives

Airplane Simulation and Control
Flight Test Engineering
Aerospace Structures II
Structural Dynamics
Viscous Flow
Aerodynamics III
Aerodynamics of V/STOL Aircraft
Computational Aerodynamics
Design-Build-Fly Conceptual Aircraft Design

Non-Majors Courses

Physics I & II
Calculus III
Differential Equations with Matrices
Statics and Dynamics
Engineering Thermodynamics
Electrical Engineering I & II
Naval Weapons Systems
Control Systems
Western Civilization I & II
Ethics and Moral Reasoning
Leadership: Theory and Practice
Naval Warfare
Law for the Junior Officer
Humanity Electives (2)

Program of Study Matrices

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