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FAQs for Students

How does a user get a Blackboard account if they are a new student?

In order to receive Blackboard access, the user must have MIDS enabled (i.e., they must have a MIDS account). Once they have a MIDS account, they will automatically receive a Blackboard account.  It may take up to two (2) hours for the Blackboard account to be created once MIDS has been enabled. If the user still doesn't have access after that time frame, they should contact the ITSC, at 3-3500 or submit an IT Web Help Desk Ticket to request assistance.

What if I cannot log in to Blackboard?

You must have an USNA or NAPS network in order to access Blackboard. If you have tried to login to the Blackboard site multiple times and are unsuccessful, try resetting your password using the USNA Password Portal.

Why don't I see my courses in the My Courses module?

After logging in to Blackboard, on the Home or Courses tabs, the student should see a module called My Courses, with a list of the courses they are enrolled in. If a course does not appear, there are several possible reasons:

  • The course instructor has not set the course to be available.
  • The student is not currently enrolled in the course. The instructor will need to verify the student's enrollment in MIDS.  It may take up to two (2) hours for the Blackboard course enrollment to be processed once it has been entered in MIDS.
  • The course may be hidden in the My Courses module. Please see How to Modify the My Courses Module for instructions to display course links in the module.

Known Blackboard Issues for Students

Are there any restrictions regarding using special characters in file or assignment names?

The use of special characters (i.e. “#”, “+”. “!”) when saving files, can cause problems in Blackboard. If a document is uploaded and it contains a prohibited special character, an error message similar to the one below will be displayed. Blackboard recommends only using the the following characters for filenames: Characters a-z (upper or lower case), 0-9, period “.” and underscore “_” are acceptable filenames. All spaces will be converted to underscores in the name of the uploaded file.

Special Character Error

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