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English Department

The Brady Series in Leadership in the Humanities


The Brady Series

Due to the generous contribution of Debbie and Larry Brady (USNA '65) and their family, the Naval Academy is proud to present the Brady Series on Leadership through the Humanities. This program is designed to provide a vital forum for discussing the integration of the humanities in the training of future Naval and Marine Corps Officers at the Academy. Recognizing the implicit value of the humanities in the education of our nation's future leaders, the Bradys have entrusted the Naval Academy's Department of English with the task of offering cultural experiences designed to facilitate the examination of character development issues: among them, mercy versus justice, truth versus loyalty, and other concepts relating to honor, courage and commitment. This series gives the freshman class a foundation to examine character development throughout their time at the Academy, seeking to "imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty."

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