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Character Development and Training Division (CD&T)

Character Development and Training Division (CD&T)

The Character Development and Training Division (CD&T) is chartered with the responsibility of supporting the Commandant of Midshipmen in the execution of the USNA Mission in the areas of Honor, Character Development and Military Training, guided by the USNA Graduate Attributes and the Navy's Professional Core Competencies. The division leads a number of character and honor seminars and discussions for the Brigade and is responsible for scheduling guest character speakers throughout each year. The division was created as the Character Development Division in 1994 by ADM Larson to address issues concerning Integrity Development and Human Relations and is responsible for reporting to the Commandant on the status of character development, honor and training within the brigade.

  • The Honor Department assists the Brigade in administrating and executing the USNA Honor Concept, as well as providing Honor education for midshipmen (both in general and for the Brigade Honor staff), executing the adjudication system for midshipmen accused of an honor offense, tracking midshipmen in Honor Remediation and training senior Navy and Marine Corps officers as remediators.
  • The Character Development Department is responsible for the Etiquette & Protocol program, which executes the four-year Officer Professionalism and Civility Training Program, and closely works with the International Programs Office to prepare midshipmen for travel overseas. The department also supports and administrates the First Class Officership Seminar (run by the Class of 1972 Distinguished Military Professor for Character Development). The department also aligns and coordinates midshipmen Alcohol and Drug Education and Command-Managed Equal Opportunity training within the Brigade with Navy-wide programs.

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