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Center for Experiential Leadership Development
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Sisters Academy of New Jersey

The goal of the USNA-Sisters Academy partnership is for midshipmen to provide mentorship to students at Sisters Academy through academic instruction and experiential learning in science, mathematics, and leadership. Through their relationships and personal interactions with the students, midshipmen model traits such as intellectual curiosity, self confidence, and the desire to excel. The program offers midshipmen a practical reinforcement of the leadership skills they are learning in the classroom, combined with opportunities for guided reflection and personal growth.

With an 11-month extended day school year model, Sisters Academy centers on a way of life that provides support for at-risk pre-adolescent girls (grades 5-8) while enabling the student to reach for bright futures using education and mentorship as their tools for success.  The program offers two participating midshipmen professional training and education in experiential leadership via a combination of practical experience and guided reflection.  Midshipmen experience unique intellectual and leadership challenges in order to lead in the classroom, learn and reinforce current leadership and STEM theory and application, strengthen their creative problem solving skills, enhance their innovative thinking, challenge their communication skills, and hone their ability to adapt to dynamic situations.  Midshipmen practice and reflect on the leadership lessons, concepts, and techniques of the leadership curriculum through their roles as mentors and role models.

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