Catholic Midshipmen Club  


Welcome to the homepage of the United States Naval Academy Catholic Midshipmen Club! The objectives of the Catholic Midshipmen Club are as follows:

  1. To strengthen the faith of all members.
  2. To provide opportunities for midshipmen to learn more about Catholicism.
  3. Fellowship.

Membership shall be open to all Catholic midshipmen in the brigade. Non-Catholic midshipmen may become members if they have an interest in the Catholic faith, culture, or history.

Please check out the events page to stay updated on relevant special events!

All interested midshipmen should contact the Chaplain Center for more information on Catholic life at the Naval Academy.

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Weekday Events on the Yard:

0730: Adoration in the Rotunda Chapel

1250: Daily Mass

Focus Bible Studies

Knights of Columbus

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

2200: "Knightly" Rosary in the Rotunda Chapel

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