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Computer Science Department
Michelson Building


Chauvenet Hall

Department Network

The department maintains a number of Linux servers in support of our labs. These servers are used for network security, network management, database hosting, resource sharing, student data and web hosting. The network is open to faculty research and student coursework.


The department maintains 6 Linux labs which are upgraded on a three-year life cycle. In addition, we also have a robotics lab, a networks lab, an advanced computing lab and a unique Makerspace.

Michelson 223

Robotics Lab
This lab is used exclusively for our Intelligent Robotics class, SI475. It contains multiple robotic platforms to support exploration of concepts and theories of modern robot systems, including both manipulators and mobile robots.

Michelson 300

Networks Lab
This lab is used exclusively for our Networking class, IC322. The lab has its own isolated physical and virtual network environments where students have the ability to learn through hands on projects and exercises. In addition to the 24 workstation standard across all our labs, this lab additionally includes a variety of CISCO networking equipment (hubs, switches, routers, etc.)

Michelson 315 

Advanced Computing Lab
This lab is used by midshipmen to research and explore advanced computing topics.

Michelson 391

Provides midshipmen the ability to research and explore computing concepts using resources such as 3D printers, drones/quadcopter and custom hardware/software solutions.

Michelson 201, 221, 302, 303, 316, 392

Linux Labs
These 6 labs are each outfitted with 24 Lenovo ThinkStation P410s, providing the latest computing hardware and software to support all CS and IT classes. They are each wired with gigabit Ethernet allowing access to the Internet as well as internal departmental resources.


Remote login is available for students taking CS/IT courses to support classroom work only.
Information about remote access for lab computers can be found here.

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