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Computer Science Department

Jean Bartik Computing Symposium

Events Schedule

Thursday, 27 February 2020


Morning Reception - Bancroft Hall, Chesapeake Room 

  • Registration (0800-0900)
  • Breakfast (0800-0900)
  • Opening Remarks (0900-0915)
  • Keynote (0915-1015) - Jeanné Woodfin, President and CEO, XenaTech Software Integration Services, LLC
  • Coffee Break (1015-1045)
  • Panel (1045 -1200) - Diverse Pathways to Success in Computing
    Moderator: LtCol Traci Sarmiento, USAF
    • Danielle Cummings, Department of Defense 
    • Kaitlin Fair, Air Force Research Lab
    • Bonnie Lucas, US Naval Academy 
    • Autumn Sand, Booz Allen Hamilton 
    • Katie Thompson, Capital One 

Lunch - Bancroft Hall, Chesapeake Room

  • Lunch (1200-1330)

Workshops - Michelson Hall or Rickover Hall

  • Workshop Session (1400-1530)
    • Designing Your User's Experience (Michelson 220)
      Danielle Cummings, Department of Defense
    • Reverse Engineering for CTFs (Michelson 221)
      ENS Kristina Bodeman, USN
    • This is the (An)Droid You're Looking For (Michelson 316)
      Katie Thompson, Capital One
    • Neuromorphic (Brain-inspired) Engineering (Rickover 112)
      Kaitlin Fair, Air Force Research Lab 

Break (on your own) (1530-1730)


Evening reception - Dahlgren Hall, Class of '53 Deck

  • Dinner and Documentary (1730-1900)
  • Cake and networking (1900-2000)

Friday, 28 February 2020


Morning Reception - Bancroft Hall, Chesapeake Room

  • Registration (0800-0900)
  • Breakfast (0800-0900)
  • Student and Recent Graduates Presentations (0900-1100)
    • Handoff All Your Privacy 
      ENS Kristina Bodeman, USN
    • From Struggling to Code to Empowerment through Code: How I created an online business and created
      2ndLt Svetla Walsh, USMC
    • Chatbot 
      Lani Davis and Caroline Sears, USNA ‘20
    • Reinforcement Learning for Chemical Factory Control
      Chesley Krug, USNA ‘20
    • Mobile App Privacy Score
      Noelle, Garrett, USMA ‘20
    • Atomtronic Switches: Optimizing the Splitting of Bose Einstein Condensates
      MaryClare Cassidy, USMA ‘20
    • Exploring the Security Implications of Software Defined Radios
      Felix Zheng, USAFA ’22
    • Exploring Roots of Higher Order Polynomials Through Expanded Greek Ladders
      Jim Wang, USAFA ’22
  • Coffee Break (1100-1130)

Lunch - Bancroft Hall, Chesapeake Room

  • Lunch (1130-1200)
  • Fireside Chat (1200-1300) -Technology, Leadership, and Inclusion in the Military
    • Guest: Colonel Ahmed Williamson, USMC, Military Assistant to the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps
    • Moderator: 2ndLt Svetla Walsh, USMC

Workshops - Michelson Hall

  • Workshop Session (1330-1500)
    • Technology Entrepreneurship: How to Develop a Business Plan for Your Next Great Idea (Michelson 202)
      Lori Sussman,University of Southern Maine 
    • Git Basics (Michelson 316)
      Capt Taylor Paul, USMC, United States Naval Academy
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality for DOD (Michelson 360)
      Frank Wakeham and Autumn Sand, Booz Allen Hamilton
    • Introduction to Natural Language Processing (Michelson 392)
      Summer Rankin and Kate Dowdy, Booz Allen Hamilton 

Break (on your own) (1500-1630)


Speed Mentoring - Bancroft Hall, Chesapeake Room

  • Speed Mentoring (1630-1800)

Evening reception - Dahlgren Hall, Class of '53 Deck

  • Dinner, Awards, and Closing Remarks (1830-2000)
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