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Computer Science Department

Jean Bartik Computing Symposium 2020

Bringing Together Women and Minorities in Government

Date: 27-28 February 2020
Location: United States Naval Academy



Bring women and underrepresented minorities from computing at the service academies together with their professional counterparts in the military and government.

Principle Objectives

  • Promote fellowship amongst the women and minorities in computing at the different service academies.
  • Offer meaningful workshops and sessions that will promote their advancement into military and government professions of their choice.
  • Make it easier for the military and government to identify promising young candidates for computing opportunities at their organizations.

Founding Co-Chairs

Dr. Suzanne J. Matthews Adina Crainiceanu Lt. Col. Traci Sarmiento 

Dr. Suzanne J. Matthews                              Dr. Adina Crainiceanu                                Lt. Col. Traci Sarmiento   U.S. Military Academy                                 U.S. Naval Academy                                   U.S. Air Force Academy

Past Editions

2019 Inaugural Edition of Jean Bartik Computing Symposium, West Point 

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