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UPE LogoThe Information Warfare Group (IWG) is an official ECA and special interest group for midshipmen interested in computer/cyber security, network attacks, defense, and related topics. The group was first established by computer science majors to compete in the annual Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX) put on by the NSA. It has been meeting since the early 2000's, winning CDX in 2005, 2010, and 2015.

Although originally a computer science student-led group, the IWG welcomes all midshipmen across a variety of majors to study the security of computer and information systems. The group competes in CDX as well as a variety of other competitions throughout the year.

Information Warfare Group website.

The official CDX competition website.

CDX Winners

First Place in CDX: Cyber Defense Exercise

Our midshipmen won the 2015 Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX), outperforming the other service academies, including last year's winning team, West Point. Led by Computer Science majors 1/C Zane Markel and 1/C Devon Budzitowski, the team completed several cybersecurity tasks ranging from network security to computer forensics. Teams are scored based on successful completion and defense of their respective networks. The NSA's Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) sponsors the annual event. The USNA last won the event in 2010.

Superintendent Carter hearing about IWG progress from Computer Science majors Markel and Budzitowski and CE major Foppe. CDX Winners

IWG at the DARPA Cyber Stakes Competition

cyber stakes team

The most recent DARPA CyberStakes team was made up of nine Computer Science and Information Technology majors. They beat out Army, Air Force, and others at the cyber security competition. Here they are showing off their many medals.

IWG Top Finish in Cyber Captain's Cup

Seven computer science students and one cyber operations student from the USNA placed 2nd out of 11 teams at the highly competitive, DoD-invitational Fort Meade Cyber Captain's Cup. The team competed against top cyber experts from all of DoD in the event's second year. The event was created and hosted by a former dual major in CS and IT, LTJG Justin Monroe (USNA 2010), and his team from NIOC-MD, a Fort Meade tenant command. The competition featured a number of challenges in digital forensics, network traffic analysis, binary reverse engineering, and similar topics.

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