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Data Science Major

Starting with the Class of 2025, midshipmen will be able to select Data Science as a major. The data science major will consist of topics from the fields of Math and Computer Science as well as interdisciplinary courses where students will apply their data science skills.


What is Data Science?

Data Science crosses normal department boundaries! Its core is made up of a mix of courses in both Computer Science and Mathematics, and then extends into electives from Engineering to the Humanities that allow students to apply their skills to diverse problems and datasets.

Data Science includes the following elements:

  • Data acquisition
  • Data Storage and Management
  • Data Processing
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization, Interface, and Communication

 Data Scientists apply their knowledge of mathematics and computer science to analyze large datasets and extract actionable insights from them. In the Navy and Marine Corps, they provide the commander with the information necessary to make data informed decisions.

What Type of Classes will Data Science Majors take?

The core of the Data Science major will be courses in Math and Computer Science. Every student will start in an introduction to Data Science class to learn the fundamentals of programming and the Data Science pipeline. Students will then take more advanced courses in programming along with courses in Statistics and Probability, Linear Algebra, and more.


What if I have never programmed before?

No Problem! The Data Science curriculum is designed to equip all students with the skills they will need to succeed. No prior programming experience required.

Contact and Questions

More information on major specifics will be released throughout the Fall of 2021. Check back here. For questions about the Data Science major or related information, please email our DS Engagement contact, Assoc Prof Nate Chambers (

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