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Center for Teaching and Learning

Qualified Coaches

Below is a list of qualified coaches who have completed the coaching training at either CCL or Georgetown. If you are interested in being coached by a trained peer, please feel free to reach out to any of the qualified coaches for peer coaching. 

Carolyn Judge

Associate Professor Carolyn Judge, PhD
Deputy Director of Teaching, Learning and Multimedia
Center for Teaching and Learning

I have been at USNA since 2002. I have worked as a research professor, a tutor for the Academic Center, an adjunct professor, and am currently an Associate Professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in the NAOE department. I am also the Deputy Director for Teaching, Learning, and Multimedia in the USNA Center for Teaching and Learning. I completed the Georgetown course Coaching Skills for Leaders in Higher Education in June 2018, which introduced me to being a coach. I have also completed a course on Equine-Facilitated Learning and Coaching during the Summer of 2018. I find the same kind of joy working as a coach as I have found in teaching.

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Clementine Fujimura

Professor Clementine Fujimura, PhD
Languages and Cultures Department
(410) 293-6363,

I am a strengths based coach who works closely with you to build on your talents and passions in work and life in general. I have enjoyed coaching faculty and staff at USNA as well as leaders in higher education. I also specialize in developing in my clients interpersonal communication and cross-cultural adaptability. 

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David Wallace

CDR David M. Wallace, USN, PhD Admiral Jay L. Johnson Professor of Leadership and Ethics NL 310 Course Director Division of Leader Education and Development

My name is CDR Dave Wallace.  I am a permanent military professor in the Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law and a coach with the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership.  Coaching is about mentorship, advising, and motivating.  While each coaching relationship is different, your relationship with a coach can be a critical part of your development in your career and leadership.  The focus of my coaching is around you as part of a team – whether that team is you and one other (e.g., a midshipmen, a colleague, or a supervisor) or a large group working together to achieve.

A little about me: The focus of my adult life has been on leadership – both as a practitioner during 20+ years of active duty service in the Navy and as an academic with a master’s degree in management and a PhD in industrial-organizational psychology.  The focus of my research is around leadership, leader development, and team dynamics.

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Joe Thomas

Dr. Joseph J. Thomas, Ph.D.
Robert & Mary M. Looker Deputy Director
VADM James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership
(410) 293-6045,

Dr. Joe Thomas retired as a LtCol after 24 years of enlisted and officer service in the Marine Corps. He served as Director, Gen John A. Lejeune Leadership Institute at Marine Corps University, as an instructor at Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1, as a Battalion Officer at the US Naval Academy, and as the Senior Education Officer at Marine Corps Training and Education Command. He is a past recipient of the Marine Corps’ Research and Writing Award and the MajGen Merritt Edson Leadership Award.  In addition to his 14 years of teaching experience in the Naval Academy’s Leadership, Ethics, and Law Department, he’s taught at the University of Notre Dame, University of Maryland, George Washington University and the National Outdoor Leadership School. He has published five books on the topics of leadership and ethics, along with numerous articles, book chapters, and research reports.  Dr. Thomas supported midshipman research that led to the award of Rhodes, Mitchell, and Fulbright scholarships. He’s also planned and led cultural immersion expeditions to South Africa, Tibet, Turkey, Vietnam, Peru, Jordan, Morocco, and Mongolia.  Dr. Thomas holds masters’ degrees from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University and the US Army War College as well as a PhD from George Mason University.

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Karyn Sproles

Dr. Karyn Sproles, PhD
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
(410) 293-2506, 

Karyn Sproles is the director of the Center for Teaching & Learning at the US Naval Academy, where she also teaches in the English Department. She earned her Ph.D. in English (1987) from the University of Buffalo and her BA in Literature from The American University (1982). She taught and chaired the English Departments at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN (1987-97) and James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA (1997-2007). She received tenure in 1993 and was promoted to Full Professor in 1997. She served as the Director of Faculty Development at the University of Southern Indiana (2007-10), where she founded the Center for Academic Creativity. Her subsequent experience in higher education administration includes positions as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Carlow University in Pittsburgh and Provost at Marietta College in Ohio. She has published extensively on pedagogy and faculty development as well as in the field of British Modernism and critical theory, including Desiring Women: The Partnership of Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West (Toronto UP 2006) and Reflective Reading and the Power of Narrative (Routledge 2019), which integrates literary theory with learning theory in order to interrogate the effects of reading on the unconscious of the reader. 

Training in Leadership and Coaching 

  • Seminar for New Department Chairs--Associated Departments of English (1999)
  • Seminar for Department Chairs--American Council on Higher Education (2001)
  • HERS Institute (2009)
  • Coaching for Greater Effectiveness--Center for Creative Leadership (2018)

Areas of Coaching Experience

  • Difficult conversations
  • Career exploration and preparation
  • Teaching and scholarship

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Matthew Testerman

CAPT Matthew Testerman, USN, PhD
Political Science Department
(410) 293-6873,

I am a Permanent Military Professor and former chair of the political science department. The first 15 years of my career were in a range of capacities as a Naval Flight Officer engaged in the electronic reconnaissance enterprise. I earned my PhD in Political Science at the University of Rochester and have been a faculty member at the Naval Academy since 2012.
Coaching is an opportunity to assist those in leadership roles as they seek to identify issues, better understand them, and to enable them to develop their solutions and implement plans of action. As chair, my colleagues rated me highly for my ability to listen for understanding and to challenge thinking and assumptions. In other evaluations are found strengths in understanding linkages between individuals and groups, honesty in discussions, and appreciation of each person’s talents and contributions. 

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Rob Niewoehner

Professor Rob Niewoehner, PhD
David F. Rogers Professor of Aeronautics
Aerospace Engineering Department
(410) 293-6402, 

Professor Rob Niewoehner presently serves in the Aero Dept as the Rogers Chair of Aeronautics. He served as Aero Dept Chair from 1999-2003, and as Chair of several Faculty Senate Committees. He’s a retired Navy Captain, with significant experience in the aerospace industry, and a current member of the National Academies’ Naval Studies Board. His interest in leadership coaching grew out of his experience with co-creating the Engineering Leadership curriculum, a joint venture between E&W and LEL. He’s completed several Executive Leadership courses with NOLS, and has been instrumental in helping the Stockdale Center birth several of its Influencers’ programs, having seen both the need and value of continuing leadership education for our faculty, coaches, and staff.

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Ryan Curry

Major Ryan "Chyna" Curry, USMC
Associate Director
Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership
(410) 293-6088,

Major Ryan Curry is an Associate Director of the VADM James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, certified Gallup Strengths Coach and Instructor for NL310 Leadership Theory and Application.  He is a Marine Corps CH-53E/K Test Pilot, Prior Enlisted Marine, and All-Marine Rugby Player.  He studied at a DePauw University, NAPS, USNA, and earned his Master of Arts in Leadership Studies from Marshall University.  His additional duties include leadership training for partner organizations like the FBI, mentoring the Men's Rugby team, and running leadership workshops for USNA personnel and teams of both staff and midshipmen.  He has worked with admissions, the library staff, the writing, center,  midshipmen companies, and multiple varsity athletic teams.      

Coaching Expertise: Education, Executive Coaching, Families, Government, Leadership, Life Coaching, Managers, Personal Development, Students/Youth, Teams, Wellbeing   

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Professor Tom McCarthy, PhD
History Department
(410) 293-6268, 

Tom McCarthy has taught in the history department since 2002.  Although he comes from a background where "professoring" is the family trade, he worked as mid-level corporate manager for a decade before doing his doctorate in history. His recent scholarship explores the emergence of counseling psychology and its impact on American higher education.  He has served several terms in the Faculty Senate, directed the UK/International Scholarships Program, and helped establish the Stamps Scholar program.

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