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Center for Teaching and Learning

Spring 2018 Schedule of Events

USNA's Third Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, 15-17 May, 2018, 0900-1600

Conference Schedule

Morning Keynotes followed by concurrent sessions

  • Have you recently tried something in class that worked so well you would like to share it with others? 
  • Are you doing research in the area of teaching and learning that you would like to present?
  • Is there a topic you would like to organize a panel to address?
  • Is there a book or article on which you would like to lead a discussion?
  • Would you like to include midshipmen in a presentation or discussion about pedagogy?
Here are some of the topics from last year's conference that we might want to visit again (Videos from Last year's conference can be access here):

  • ​Flipping the Classroom
  • ​Alternatives to Lecture
  • Navy 101: What's G​oing ​O​n in Bancroft Hall and the Fleet?
  • Creating and Using Rubrics: Grading Faster and Consistently The Case for (and Against) Active Learning

Register for the Conference: (Note: USNA Login Required)

Proposals can be submitted to:​ (Note: USNA Login Required, Proposals for concurrent sessions accepted until March 26)

Sessions ​will be 50 minutes. There will also be 2 hour post-conference workshops--please contact Karyn Sproles if you would like to propose a long-format workshop.

Submission guidelines (also located on the submission form):

  • Title of Session
  • A brief (one paragraph) description of the session, including session goals.
  • Special needs in terms of room or technology (beyond computer and projector)

Daily Brown Bags, 1200-1300, Mahan 220

Sign up at:

Every weekday from noon-1:00, the Center for Teaching and Learning will be hosting brown bags. Bring your lunch, and join us!

Technology Workshops, Mondays-Thursdays, January 23 - April 26, 2018, 1530-1700, Mahan 220

Sign up at:  (Note: USNA Login Required)

The CTL offers daily workshops for USNA faculty/staff on Blackboard and other often used software packages.

 Effective Chairing, 1st  and 3rd Wednesday of the month, 1530-1630, Rickover 301

Informal and confidential discussion of topics facing chairs from evaluation to organizing administrative work. Chairs share challenges and solutions as well as hear presentations on emerging issues.

 Leadership in Higher Education

A monthly discussion group for Senior Professors and other administrators.

 FACT - Formative Analysis of Classroom Teaching, October 2- November 17, 2017 and February- April 13, 2018

Sign up at:

Every semester between 6 and 12 weeks

  • Request mid-semester feedback on one of your classes—strictly confidential: no records kept or reports made. Watch your email for more details and a call for requests.

It's just Coffee

Sign up at:

Would you like to sit in on a class in another department or division? We’ll pair you up with a colleague. After you’ve sat in on one another’s class, we’ll treat you to coffee so you can talk about teaching. No notes or records kept—It’s Just Coffee. 

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