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Center for Teaching and Learning

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Conferences

The following conferences deal with topics related to teaching and learning.

Conference Date Location

2018 ASEE  Conference

June 24-27, 2018

Columbus, OH

2018 Frontiers in Education Conference

October 3-6, 2018

San Jose, CA

2018 POD Network Conference

November 14-18, 2018

Portland, OR 

AAC&U Annual Meeting

January 24-27, 2018

Washington, DC

AAC&U Diversity. Learning and Student Success

March 22-24, 2018

San Diego, CA

AAC&U General Education and Assessment

February 15-17, 2018

Philadelphia, PA

AAC&U: Global Engagement and Spaces of Practice

October 11-13, 2018

Seattle, WA

AAC&U Transforming STEM Education 

November 8-10, 2018

Atlanta, GA

ASEE Engineering Deans Institute

April 8-11, 2018

New Orleans, CA

Assessment Institute 2017

October 21-23, 2018

Indianapolis, IN

Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching-East

May 31-June 3, 2018

Bethesda, MD

Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching-South

January 4-6, 2018

Austin, TX  

Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching-West

Feb 22-25, 2018

Anaheim, CA  

Lilly International Conference on T&L

November 15-18, 2018

Oxford, OH

The Teaching Professor Conference

June 1-3, 2018

Atlanta, GA

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