Center for Teaching and Learning
Tecumseh and Bancroft Hall

Services to Faculty

The following is an overview of the services currently offered. Please call the Center (ext. 3-2506) to discuss additional services not listed below which you think will assist you. 

  • INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATIONS: Faculty members can request instructional assistance to explore alternative teaching strategies and improve test materials. Consultation are entirely confidential and may be used on a one-time or continuing basis. 
  • CLASSROOM OBSERVATIONS: Classroom visits by knowledgeable consultants are one of the most powerful instructional improvement tools available. The most successful systems involve a short pre-visit conference to discuss the instructor's goals and identify the specific types of feedback desired, a classroom visit on the date selected by the instructor, a post-visit feedback session to describe what was observed and to explore instructional improvement possibilities. Additional services include student feedback data which may also be collected on a course; videotaping of the class as a supplement or alternative to the classroom visit. Consultations are entirely confidential and outside of the home department. 
  • TEACHING EFFECTIVENESS WORKSHOPS: Sessions on topics related to teaching will be offered each semester, typically in the form of lunch-time sessions and occasionally in multi-day sessions. The Center also offers specialized workshops for individual departments. Experience faculty are invited to conduct workshops for their colleagues. In order to offer experts in topics, occasionally outside consults will be invited to present workshops. 
  • CENTER PUBLICATIONS: The Center is developing a library of teaching materials which are available for faculty to borrow. In addition, the Center also distributes the publication The Teaching Professor to each department for dissemination. 
  • FOCUS GROUPS:  The Center will provide faculty to come into your class and assess the classroom situation.  Feedback from the students will be provided to the instructor anonymously.  The instructor determines what topics are discussed with the students.
  • TEACHING PORTFOLIO COACHES:  The Center provides a wide range of services in support of teaching portfolios.  Teaching portfolios will be read and a coach will provide feedback to the faculty member.  Information on the content and structure of teaching portfolios is available.
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