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Center for Teaching and Learning

Cooperative Learning Workshop

Presented by: Richard Felder and Rebecca Brent

May 13, 2014 from 1300 to 1630

The half day workshop will cover:

  • How can students be actively involved in class, even if there are 200 of them in the room?
  • What are the defining criteria of cooperative learning and how can they be met?
  • What are productive ways to involve students in teams in lecture, laboratory, and project courses?
  • What has the research shown regarding the effectiveness of cooperative learning?
  • How should cooperative learning teams be formed?
  • How can individual contributions to team projects be assessed and taken into account in grading?
  • What skills are required to work effectively in teams? How can students be equipped with those skills, and how can teams be prepared to function more effectively?
  • What forms might student resistance to group work take and how might the resistance be minimized or eliminated?
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