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Center for Teaching and Learning

Exploring Creativity

Presented by: Rob Niewoehner (Aerospace), Allison Webster-Giddings (Systems), Ken Reightler (Aerospace), Joe Thomas (LEL)

May 9, 2016 to May 23, 2016

Innovation appears repeated in remarks by leaders spanning business and the military services. Our graduate attributes describe our programs as aspiring to develop creative thinkers. What is creativity and innovation? What need does the Navy have for creativity? What historical precedents exist for Naval innovation? What does the scholarship of creativity teach us about improving our personal and team creativity? What do creative organizations do? This two-part workshop will treat these questions, as the subject applies broadly to all endeavors, whether technical or tactical, humanities or operations. The two sessions adapt the innovation content of NL425- Engineering Leadership. Participants can anticipate some outside assigned reading. Facilitators: Ken Reightler (Aerospace), Rob Niewoehner (Aerospace), Allison Webster-Giddings (Systems), Joe Thomas (LEL).
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