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Dr. Richard M. Felder

Dr. Richard M. Felder is the Hoechst Celanese Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. He is coauthor of Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, an introductory chemical engineering text now in its third edition. He has contributed over 150 publications to the fields of science and engineering education and chemical process engineering, and writes "Random Thoughts," a column on educational methods and issues for the quarterly journal Chemical Engineering Education. With Dr. Rebecca Brent, he codirects the National Effective Teaching Institute (NETI) and regularly offers teaching effectiveness workshops on campuses and at conferences around the world.

Dr. Felder's papers and workshops focus primarily on active and cooperative learning and other instructional methods designed to reach a variety of learning styles. He coordinated the design and development of IMPEC (Integrated Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Chemistry Curriculum), an experimental integrated first-year engineering curriculum at North Carolina State University,under the sponsorship of the SUCCEED Coalition.

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