Candidate Visit Weekend

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be fed?
Yes.  As a guest participating in CVW you will eat with the Brigade of Midshipmen in King Hall for all of your meals beginning on Friday morning. PLEASE NOTE: you will not receive dinner Thursday night, so please eat before you arrive!  The last meal served will be breakfast Saturday morning.
Where will I sleep?
Students participating in CVW will stay in the Midshipmen dormitory, Bancroft Hall.  Students will likely sleep on a cot that will be set up in your host Midshipman’s room.  Bring a sleeping bag and pillow. 
What if I have special dietary needs or allergies?
The meals in King Hall are served family style as a set menu.  Most dishes contain meat, but the salad bar is open for lunch and dinner.  There is cereal and fruit available at all meals.  If you have a life-threatening allergy, notify
What if I require daily medication?
As long as you can handle your own medication and administer if yourself, it is not a problem.  Refrigeration is not available for medication.
Will I be ‘ordered’ to do things?
As a participant in CVW, you will be immersed into the Brigade of Midshipmen.  As part of this immersion, you will shadow a plebe.  You will see the military climate is probably much different than you may be used to.  Hopefully, you will be able to use this immersive opportunity to determine if USNA is the place for you.
Will I be forced to work out?
Saturday morning training will provide an opportunity for candidates to participate in physical fitness.  It is optional and any candidate can opt to not participate along with their midshipman host.
Will attending a CVW help me get into USNA?
No.  The process to offer appointments to USNA is completely separate from the Candidate Visit Weekend program.  We know the expenses to attend a Candidate Visit Weekend can be significant.  This expense should be seen as the opportunity to see USNA first hand, not to better your chance of gaining admission.
Why was I invited to CVW? Does this mean that I will get an appointment to USNA?
You were invited to CVW because you possess the qualities that we’re looking for in our candidates.  Based on your application thus far or previous information we already had, we determined that you could be a good fit for USNA.  We’ve invited you to CVW in order for you to see all that USNA has to offer you and determine if you, too, think that USNA is a good match.  You will still have to go through the same application process as every other candidate.  CVW attendance will be transparent in the admissions process.
What do I need to do to prepare for CVW?
Be organized with your travel plans, be punctual and arrive with an open mind.
If I drive myself, where can I park?
Parking on the Naval Academy is very limited and can not be offered to all visitors.  Solo student drivers (those traveling without their parents) need to email with their full name and weekend to ensure a parking pass.
Do my parents have to come?
No. But if you parents would like to come we have an informative program for them as well.  However, you will have a completely independent experience from your parents.
What if I have to arrive early?
Our check-in process will start at 1715 on the Thursday of your CVW.  No exceptions.  You may take a walking tour of our campus or downtown Annapolis while you wait but we are unable to accommodate students (or their gear) if they arrive early.
What if I have to arrive late?
Make sure that you are on campus no later than 1900.  If circumstances cause you to be delayed beyond 1900, contact the Main Office at 410.293.5000 in order to get paired with your Midshipman.
My flight leaves early on Saturday?
Please email prior to the weekend so that we are aware of your flight time and can notify the Midshipmen.
My flight leaves late on Saturday?
CVW officially ends at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.  USNA will not be responsible for you or your candidate following the program conclusion.
What if I don’t like my CVW experience?
Remember to bring an open mind and try to keep an open mind throughout the entire weekend.  CVW gives the candidate a very good glimpse of Midshipmen life, but your Midshipman escort will shape the majority of your experience.  Speak up if you have questions, and keep in contact with your admissions counselor once you return home.
What time should I book my flights (arrival/departure time)?
BWI is about thirty minutes driving time from USNA.  As a general guideline, it is recommended to book an arrival time around 2:00 pm on Thursday, and a departure time around 12:00 pm on Saturday.