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Cemetery and Columbarium
Panoramic view of Columbarium
Columbarium Wall Section

The Columbarium

In 1987, the US Naval Academy constructed a Columbarium adjacent to the Cemetery on College Creek. The Columbarium was built by the Naval Academy Alumni Association with $500,000 in gifts from alumni and friends of the Academy. This included a major grant from the George and Carol Olmstead Foundation in memory of Jerauld L. Olmstead, Class of 1922. The Columbarium offers resting places for those who wish to be inurned at the Naval Academy. A plan may be viewed from this link or you may download a PDF of the Columbarium diagram. 

The Columbarium is approximately 160 feet long and six feet high on a three-tiered pedestal. All exterior surfaces are white marble. Each niche front is removable by a special key. Niches are assigned in consecutive order and cannot be reserved in advance.

In front of the Columbarium stands a memorial donated by the Class of 1937 in honor of the Academy graduates who died in the line of duty and whose bodies were never recovered.

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