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Chaplain's Center

Invocation: Army/Navy Football Game

Baltimore, 10 Dec 2016

Loving Father, please send Your blessing on all who gather here today.  On those who compete valiantly on the athletic field, grant them strength and skill, keep them free from injury, and fill them with a spirit of determination and fair-play.  Bless the Brigade of Midshipmen  and the Corps of Cadets; renew them with courage, wisdom, and strength today and in years to come, that they might use the skills You have given, in the service of their country and in service of all that is good and true and beautiful. 

Be pleased to bless our nation that all who watch this game might be inspired by the example of these teams, who battle like gladiators on the football field, but in their love of country and defense of freedom they are united as one. 

Finally, dear Lord Bless our world with peace, but until that great day of healing, when the wolf lives in harmony with the lamb, keep those who freely serve our nation in uniform around the world, strong of body, sharp of mind, and skilled in combat.  Grant that they may be:  feared by their foes, loved by their friends, and forever treasured in the hearts of their countrymen.  In Your most holy Name we pray.  AMEN! 

          By, Fr. Francis P. Foley, CAPT, CHC, USN

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