Miller Chapel  

The Miller Chapel is a relatively recent addition to the Naval Academy, but has proven to be a spiritual focal point for our Jewish community.  Miller Chapel is housed in the Commodore Uriah P. Levy Center, and they were dedicated and opened for use on September 18, 2005.  The ground breaking took place on November 2, 2003.  The Friends of the Jewish Chapel and our Jewish midshipmen gather here weekly for Shabbat Services as well as the other Holy Days throughout the year.  Miller Chapel is truly a sacred space where our Jewish community and all are able to be spiritually fed in a way that the typical attendee would be looking for the manna coming from heaven.

Every aspect of Miller Chapel's architecture was very carefully thought through, planned and executed in order to be as faithful to the Jewish worshipping community as possible, and further strengthen and enhance their spiritual experience and ties to the Holy Land.  The worship space itself closely resembles a ship to make that strong connection to our nautical roots.  The mosaic tile floor is designed in such a way as to cause the Bimah (raised area where the Rabbi or other worship leader will read the Torah scroll from) to appear to be raised even more than it is.

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