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Navy Spirit - Cheer, Dance and Mascots
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Army-Navy Game

The Army/Navy football game is the most electric college football environment I've ever seen! The Corps of Cadets and the Brigade of Midshipman along with the rest of the fans form an engaged crowd that is deeply invested in their teams success. Cheering the  Midshipman on to their 14th victory was an incredible experience, and it was an honor to be a part of such a special tradition.

Few rivals in college football history can compete with the intense rivalry between West Point and the Naval Academy. Each year, in early December, the students from USNA and USMA come together, as foes. At USNA, this week of rivalry is known as Army-Navy Week . This week is known for crazy pranks, thousands of pushups, and spirit missions in the middle of the night - all to raise the energy to beat Army  in the football game on the coming Saturday. 

Navy Spirit (Cheer, Dance and Mascots) are a huge part of this intense week - participating in pep rallies, supporting the Patriot Games, visits to the Pentagon, an exciting performance at the Army Navy Gala, and of course, the GAME! The last few years Navy Spirit has also had the privilege of participating in the College Game Day experience. 

Check out this video of Navy Spirit at the Army-Navy Game!

Navy Spirit (Cheer, Dance and Mascots) also supports the Army-Navy men's and women's basketball games! Navy faces Army twice during the basketball season, once at West Point and once at USNA. Cheering the midshipman on in Alumni Hall is absolutely thrilling. The one promise we can make is that these games are always exciting!

"Being the daughter of an USNA alumni, I had been to upwards of fifteen Army vs. Navy games before even attending the Academy. Despite this nothing could have prepared me for the absolutely electric energy on the field. Singing Navy Blue and Gold at the end of the game surrounded by the football team and all our fellow midshipman is truly my most treasured memory from my time here at the Naval Academy"

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