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Chemistry Department

Summer Internship Opportunities

The Chemistry Department sponsors traditional chemistry internships as well as medical internships.  The internships are typically scheduled during USNA training blocks, which are 4 weeks in duration.  However, selected internships may last up to 6 weeks or more.

Chemistry Internships

Chemistry internships include a wide range of opportunities - from forensics work to hepatitis-B research to genetic sequencing studies.  Research can be conducted at Department of Defense facilities, government laboratories, and civilian institutions.  A complete listing, with descriptions, can be obtained at the link below.

Complete listing of chemistry internships:                            Click here
- NSWC IHD Projects                                                           Click here for NSWC
- Purdue University Projects                                                 Click here for Purdue

Chemistry Department Internship POC:                              Assoc. Prof. McClean

Medical Internships

Medical internships also include a range of opportunities – from developing effective treatments for human diseases, to shadowing physicians, to training in the practice of medicine in developing communities.  A complete listing, with descriptions, can be obtained at the link below.

Complete listing of medical internships:                                 Click here

POC for medical research internships:                                  Assoc. Prof. Kinter
POC for hospital internships (shadowing physicians):          Prof Rehill


The application must be completed online.  Before applying, you must receive permission from your company officer to apply for internships in specific training blocks.  This is to minimize schedule conflicts with other PTEs, including Plebe Detail.  The same application is used for chemistry and medical internships.

Application deadline:                                                            TBD
(Even though the deadline is past, you may still submit an application.  The link will stay active for a while longer.)

Online application                                                                Click here

Need additional information?  Contact the chemistry department internship coordinator.

Chemistry department internship coordinator:                      Assoc. Prof. McClean

Medical internship coordinators:                                           Assoc. Prof. Kinter and Prof. Rehill

USNA Internship Website:                                                    Click here 

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