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Chemistry Department

Chemical Education Research

Faculty Research Interests Organic Icon

Faculty members at USNA are not only engaged in the traditional teaching/learning processes typically associated with undergraduate institutions, but they are also a world-class faculty in terms of involvement in research. Midshipmen have many opportunities to participate in research or capstone project courses, especially during the 1st class year. Below are brief summaries of the research interests of the current faculty involved with Chemical Education research at USNA. More detailed summaries for the faculty are found at each faculty member's website (see links below): 

  • Prof. Debra Dillner

    Research Interests
    Atoms First Pilot

  • Prof. Clare E. Gutteridge

    Research Interests
    We are developing a laboratory sequence to illustrate to midshipmen how a drug program operates. An assay to measure antibacterial activity of organic molecules has been developed, which will be used to test molecules synthesized by midshipmen. In the future we intend developing experiments to introduce of the modern synthetic method of combinatorial chemistry (which allows many molecules to be made simultaneously) to the teaching laboratory.

  • Prof. Shirley Lin

    Research Interests
    Development of IL2/IL4 experiment on multistep synthesis. The project will involve some literature searching, laboratory synthesis and characterization of organic and organometallic compounds.

  • Prof. Maria J. Schroeder

    Research Interests
    Development of new laboratory experiments for the integrated laboratory courses with particular focus on those involving military applications and analytical instrumentation, although any areas of student interest will be considered. Development of laboratory experiments for a Chemistry of Cooking special topics course.

  • Asst. Prof. Melonie Teichert

    Research Interests
    Prof. Teichert focuses on Discipline-Based Education Research (DBER) which requires individuals with expertise in the discipline (chemistry) to conduct rigorous studies of teaching and learning (cognitive science, educational psychology, learning sciences). Research emphasis is currently on the Design and Assessment of Effective Learning Environments in both lecture and lab.
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