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Chemistry Department

AY 23-24
(Archive 21-22)


Promotion to Assoc Professor
   CDR David P Durkin 


Midshipman Awards




In addition to his many other accomplishments, Chemistry major MIDN 1/C Anders Gulbrandson was selected as the 2023 Trident Scholar Prize Winner, for his research on ionic liquids under the guidance of CDR Dave Durkin and Professor Paul Trulove.

Chemistry major MIDN 1/C Jackson Fuller was selected top three Best in Show presentations at the Adhesion Society annual meeting in Orlando, FL on February 20, 2023, for his work on underwater adhesion research under the guidance of Associate Professor Elizabeth A. Yates and colloborators from the NRL-USNA Internship program. 

For a full list of Chemistry Department Student Awards earned by our outstanding Class of 2023, Chemistry Majors and Plebe Chemistry students, please click on the brochure: School of Math & Science Student Awards - AY23

Recent Publications

August 2023

LT Nicholas Nelson and collaborators published an article on the "BRCA1 and NORE1A Form a Her2/Ras Regulated Tumor Suppressor Complex Modulating Senescence" in Cancers.

June 2023

Associate Professor Ina O'Carroll and collaborators published an article on the "Optically powered milli-scale robot system for nanoliter fluid delivery based on diamagnetic levitation." in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.

Assistant Professor Jennifer J. GuerardMidshipman Pippin Robison and collaborators published an article on "Chlorpyrifos Fate in the Arctic: Importance of Analyte Structure in Interactions with Arctic Dissolved Organic Matter." in Water Research. 

May 2023

Associate Professor Carles R. Sweet, Midshipmen Caitln J. Koo and Logan M. Treaster and collaborators published an article on "Structure Determination of Lipid A with Multiple Glycosylation Sites by Tandem MS of Lithium-Adducted Negative Ions." in Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry.  

Assistant Professor Wesley S. Farrell and collaborators published an article on "Ring-opening metathesis polymerization with vanadium(V) alkylidenes: Survey of initiators, density-functional theory calculations, and functional group tolerance." in Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 

Associate Professor Elizabeth A. Yates and collaborators published an article on the "Role of protein aggregate structure on the strength and underwater performance of barnacle-inspired adhesives." in Soft Matter.

March 2023

Dr. Marianne E Burnett and collaborators published an article on "Increased Efficiency of a Functional SOD Mimic Achieved with Pyridine Modification on a Pyclen-Based Copper(II) Complex." in Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Nathaniel E. Larm, Midshipman Anders J. Gulbrandson, Dr. Christopher D. Stachurski, Mary A. Chase, Professor Paul C. Trulove, and CDR David P. Durkin published an article on "Mesoporous Natural Fiber Welded Cellulose Containing Silver Nanoparticles as a Recyclable Heterogeneous Catalyst." in Macromolecular Materials Engineering.

February 2023

Professor Virginia F. Smith, Midshipman Andres J. Gulbrandson, CDR David P. Durkin and collaborators published an article on "Fe–Fe Double-Atom Catalysts for Murine Coronavirus Disinfection: Nonradical Activation of Peroxides and Mechanisms of Virus Inactivation." in Environ. Sci. Technol. 

CDR David P. Durkin and collaborators published an article on "Transformation of Graphitic Carbon Nitride by Reactive Chlorine Species: “Weak” Oxidants Are the Main Players." in Environ. Sci. Technol.

Dr. Christopher D. Stachurski, Professor Paul C. Trulove, CDR David P. Durkin and collaborators published an article on "Elucidating the interplay of local and mesoscale ion dynamics and transport properties in aprotic ionic liquids." in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.

Assistant Professor Matthew R. Buck and collaborators published an article on "Dark and UV-Enhanced Degradation of Dimethyl Methylphosphonate on Mesoporous CeO2 Aerogels." in Applied Nano Materials.

January 2023

Assistant Professor Jennifer J. Guerard and collaborators published an article on "Dissolved organic matter from surface and pore waters of a discontinuous permafrost watershed in central Alaska reveals both compositional and seasonal heterogeneity." in Aquatic Sciences.

Assistant Professor Jennifer J. Guerard and collaborators published a review article on "Identification of next-generation International Humic Substances Society reference materials for advancing the understanding of the role of natural organic matter in the Anthropocene. " in Aquatic Sciences.  

December 2022

Dr. Nathaniel E. Larm, Mary A. Chase, Dr. Christopher D. Stachurski, Midshipman Anders J. Gulbrandson, CDR David P. Durkin and Professor Paul C. Trulove published an article on "Tunable porosity of cotton xerogels via ionic liquid-based natural fiber welding." in the online Encyclopedia of Cell Biology. 

October 2022

Associate Professor Ina O'Carroll and collaborators published a book chapter entitled "Viral nucleic acids." in the online Encyclopedia of Cell Biology.  

September 2022

Professor Shirley Lin, Dr. Marianne E Burnett and Associate Professor Melonie A Teichert published an article entitled "Incorporating Guided-Inquiry Experimental Design into a Traditional Buffer Titration Experiment." in Journal of Chemical Education.  

August 2022

Professor Amy H Roy MacArthur, Professor Shirley Lin and Midshipman Hunter Wood published an article entitled "Investigation of an Unusually Low-Temperature, Microwave-Assisted, Copper-Catalyzed Concurrent Tandem Catalytic Process for the Amidation of Aryl Bromides." in Organometallics.

June 2022

Dr. Brian H. Morrow and Professor Judith A. Harrison published an article entitled “Interfacial properties of linear alkane/nitrogen binary mixtures: Molecular dynamics vapor-liquid equilibrium simulations.” in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B.

Professor Dianne Luning Prak published an article entitled "Binary mixtures of benzene and cyclohexane with n-alkyl functional groups up to 12 carbons long: densities, viscosities, and speeds of sound within the temperature range (288.15 to 333.15)" in Journal of Chemical Engineering Data

April 2022

Assistant Professor Wes Farrell, in collaboration with Virginia Tech's Dr. John Matson and other co-authors, published a paper in Polymer Chemistry highlighting issues with and seeking resolutions for current names in polymerization mechanisms. The open access paper can be found here:  link

Dr. Ashlee Aiello, Dr. Tyler Cosby, Midshipman Julia McFarland, CDR Dave Durkin and Professor Paul Trulove published a paper entitled "Mesoporous xerogel cellulose composites from biorenewable natural cotton fibers." in Carbohydrate Polymers.

March 2022

Assistant Professor Matthew Buck and Midshipmen Luke Johnson, Ashley Sweet, Luke Barrante, and Eric Cal published a paper entitled "Polyoxovanadates as Precursors for the Synthesis of Colloidal Multi-Metal Oxide Nanocrystals." in the journal Chemistry of Materials.

Professors Wayne Pearson, Joe Urban, Amy MacArthur, Shirley Lin and Midshipman Dylan Cabrera published an article entitled "Crystal structures of N-[4-(tri¬fluoro¬meth¬yl)phen¬yl]benzamide and N-(4-meth¬oxy¬phen¬yl)benz¬amide at 173 K: a study of the energetics of conformational changes due to crystal packing." in Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications.

Professor Dianne Luning PrakMidshipmen Michael Hamilton and Rhea Banados, and collaborators published an article entitled "Combustion and physical properties of blends of military jet fuel JP-5 with fifteen different methyl ester biodiesels synthesized from edible and nonedible oils." in Fuel

Associate Professor Elizabeth Yates and collaborators published an article entitled "Perspectives on How 1.5 Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic Have Impacted Biophysicists at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions." in The Biophysicist

January 2022

CDR Dave Durkin, Professor Paul Trulove, Midshipman Anders Gulbrandson and collaborators published an article entitled "Antimicrobial Biocomposites Fiber-Welded with Lignocellulose Containing Silver Nanoparticles." in Macromolecular Materials and Engineering.

Professor Dianne Luning Prak and collaborators published an article entitled "Formulation of 7-Component Surrogate Mixtures for Military Jet Fuel and Testing in Diesel Engine." in ACS Omega.


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