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Chemistry Department

Organic Chemistry Research

Faculty Research Interests Organic Icon

Faculty members at USNA are not only engaged in the traditional teaching/learning processes typically associated with undergraduate institutions, but they are also a world-class faculty in terms of involvement in research. Midshipmen have many opportunities to participate in research or capstone project courses, especially during the 1st class year. Below are brief summaries of the research interests of the current Organic Chemistry faculty at USNA. More detailed summaries for the faculty are found at each faculty member's website (see links below): 
  • Prof. Debra Dillner

    Research Interests
    Research is being carried out in the general area of synthetic organic chemistry and focus within that area on both total synthesis and synthetic methodology.

  • Prof. Jeffrey P. Fitzgerald

    Research Interests
    Current research is directed towards the design and synthesis of novel materials. One project is to create molecules capable of catalyzing low temperature reactions of oxygen. A second project is to create optical limiters – nonlinear optical materials which are transparent to ambient light but opaque to laser light.

  • Prof. Clare E. Gutteridge

    Research Interests
    Exploring a number of classes of organic molecules with the aim of producing easily-synthesized and novel compounds with potential as antimalarial therapeutics. This research involves the design, synthesis and then antimalarial testing of compounds.

  • Assoc. Prof. Chris M. Kinter

    Research Interests
    Synthesis of organic compounds for the study of neuroreceptors. Synthesis of radioactively labeled compounds for use in neuroreceptor imaging by PET (positron emission tomography) and SPECT (single photon emission tomography).

  • Prof. Shirley Lin

    Research Interests
    The Lin lab is interested in the synthesis of new materials through the development of novel reactions and the use of noncovalent interactions.

  • Prof. Joseph J. Urban

    Research Interests
    My research involves the application of computational chemistry techniques (a.k.a. “molecular modeling”) to problems in organic chemistry. The properties that are typically investigated involve structure, reactivity, conformation, solvation, binding affinity and the like.

  • Prof. Craig M. Whitaker

    Research Interests
    Design and synthesis of smart thin-film hydrogels for the detection of organophosphorus nerve agents.
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