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Chemistry Department
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Laboratory Resources

SC112 Lab Resources

Week Experiment Title
  Safety Safety in the Laboratory
Safety Laboratory Safety Agreement
  Excel Microsoft Excel Tutorials
Excel Graph/Spreadsheet Checklist Excel Graph/Spreadsheet Checklist Document 
2 20B Determination of the Solubility of CaSO4
3 34D Evaluation of Deicer and Antifreeze Performance
4 13I The Reaction of Red Food Color with Bleach
5 12I Principles of Equilibrium
6 16 Hydronium Ion Concentration
7 14 Navy Boiler Water Tests
8 32C

Applications of Acid-Base Equilibria

  • Data File for Experiment 32C
9-10 12C Thermodynamic Properties of Ammonium Carbamate
Data Collection Video for Experiment 12C
11 42 Thermodynamics of an Electrochemical Cell
12 21B The Activity Series and Electrochemical Cells
13 21H Electrochemistry: Corrosion
14 or 15 21A Electrolysis
14 or 15 13N Radioactivity
  Appendix B Significant Figures
  Appendix D Graphical Display of Data
  Appendix E Equipment Precision
  Appendix I Spectrophotometry
  Appendix J Kinds of Measurements and their Reliability
  Appendix O Extrapolations with Microsoft Excel
    Other Appendices
  CRC CRC Handbook On-line
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