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Commandant of Midshipmen

Government Travel Credit Card

Provided by Citibank. Per Department of the Navy BUSOPSOFFINST 4650.1A, applicants and current card holders for the GTCC must complete the card holders training and submit the certificate that is printed at the completion of the web-base training.

The applicant must return three forms prior to GTCC issuance:

  1. Citibank application (requires supervisor's signature (block 10))
  2. Statement of Understanding (requires supervisor's signature)
  3. Training Certificate

The applicant must initial either Block 9 A or B (not a check mark). If you initial 9A, a Standard Account will be issued (credit limit of $7,500.00), 9B, a Restricted Account will be issued (credit limit of $4,000.00).

Any travel-related questions, may be sent to

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