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Comptroller Department
Halligan Hall

Comptroller’s Travel Office

Welcome to the Comptroller’s Travel Office!  

Please browse our website to find up-to-date travel information, reference guides, and points of contacts for all your travel needs.  Located in Halligan Hall, the travel office is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm and can be reached via email at or by calling the main travel office number 410-293-1642 (Closed weekends and federal holidays). Please refer to the point of contact below for specialized USNA Midshipmen travel programs:
  • Summer Training Program contact Chinsuk Chun; 410-293-8020 or 410-293-8023.
  • Summer Internship Program contact Professor Shade; 410-293-2509.
  • Accessions Travel Program contact Christie Munnelly; 410-293-1820.  (Plebes)

Travelers who encounter problems at the airport during normal business hours can reach CWTSATO at 1-800-235-9184. 

After normal business hours or for emergency travel within 24 hours please contact:
Navy Worldwide Helpdesk
1-800-359-9999 (from US)
1-210-877-3255 (from OCONUS call collect)

After normal business hours and for IBA card declines, Government Travel credit card customers must contact Citibank directly at 1-800-200-7056.

All travelers must ensure you have official travel orders prior to departure.  

Per the DoDFMR Vol 9  080401. General. All claims must be submitted within 5 days of return to or arrival at the PDS. In the case of extended TDY, the traveler must submit a claim for each 30 day period. That claim must be submitted within 5 days after each 30 day period.

DTS Software update information can be found by clicking the Defense Travel System link.  (Internal customers only)

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