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Center for Cyber Security Studies

SY201 Cyber Fundamentals 1

Description: This course will teach students problem solving skills in the cyber-operations domain using the Python programming language on a Linux platform.  Students will analyze the current cyber warfare threats and problems, and code Python programs to solve some of these and related problems.

Prerequisites: Cyber Operations Track

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate an ability to analyze a cyber-operations problem and design, develop, debug, and document a Python program that is appropriate to solve the problem.
  • Demonstrate an ability to function effectively as a user of the Linux operating system, including the ability to install Linux.
  • Be able to understand and reason about abstract models in cyber operations.
  • Be able to understand ethical and social issues, and responsibilities relating to cyber operations.
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate in writing and orally about basic concepts in cyber operations.


1.   Introduction and Problem Solving                                                                           

2.  Linux Operating System, Python Program, VMware Player Installation (with lab)

3.   Python Programming (within the Linux OS)                                                           

4.   Information Operations                                                                                            

5.   Linux Operating System Fundamentals (with lab)                                                  

6.   Cyber Operations Case Studies                                                                                

7.   Hash Functions (with lab)                                                                                          

8.   Encryption Algorithms (with lab)                                                                            

9.   Ethical Issues Related to Cyber and Programming                                                  

10. Network Topology and Graph Theory                                                                     

11. Debugging (with lab)                                                                                               

12. Password Generation/Checking (with lab)                                                               

13. Making a Message Board (with lab)                                                                        

14. Computer Network Exploitation (with lab)                                                             

15. Game-over Model (with lab)                                                                                    

16. Writing and Presentations on Cyber Topics                                                             

17. Intrusion Detection Systems (with lab)
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