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Cyber Science Department

Dr. Stephen R. Orr IV, NSA Visiting Professor

Dr. Orr is currently the NSA visiting Professor for Cyber Security Studies at the United States Naval Academy.  He holds a Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. degree in Computational and Information Sciences.

Dr. Orr has held analytical, technical, operational, and leadership positions at both Headquarters and the field.  His expertise and career has focused on defensive and offensive computer network operations (CNO).  Most recently, Dr. Orr was part of a team that won NSA’s prestigious Deckert/Foster Award for Excellence in SIGINT engineering. 

Dr. Orr’s most recent assignment was the Executive Director of J3, Operations for United States Cyber Command.  In this capacity he was responsible for directing command operations spanning from future planning, through operations execution within the authorized computer network operations mission space.  His prior positions include:

2014 – 2016    Executive Director, J3 - Operations, USCYBERCOM (USCC)
2013 – 2014    Executive Assistant, Signals Intelligence Directors (S)
2011 – 2013    Chief, NSA - Washington TAO/ROC Access Operations Division (AOD)
2008 – 2011    Chief, NSA - Georgia TAO Remote Operations Center (ROC)
2007 – 2008    NSA-Washington TAO Requirements & Targeting (R&T)
2006 – 2007    NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center (NTOC)
2005 – 2006    Office of Information Operations (OIO)
2004 – 2005    Information Operations Technical Center (IOTC)

Dr. Orr’s research interests include the intersection of cybersecurity and human factors, social engineering, identity, privacy, and trust management; attack attribution, and information and knowledge management.

Photo of Dr. Stephen Orr
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