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Cyber Science Department


The Cyber Department and Center for Cyber Security Studies offers a range of Cyber-focused internships with Industry partners and government agencies.  These internships are critical for expanding the knowledge of Cyber Operations majors outside the classroom and also provide follow-on opportunities for independent research and capstone projects.  The internship program is rapidly growing expanding and the current opportunities can be found below:




Internship Name





BAE System

Intern will work on a project in one of the functional cyber defense areas:
Cyber defense tools: Monitoring, analytics, email and cloud-based security, investigation and incident response solutions.

Financial Crime Prevention: Identifying, combating and preventing financial threats, risk, loss or penalties.
Communications Intelligence: Next generation intelligence and cybersecurity solutions for national security and law enforcement; compliance solutions for CSPs.

Nashua, NH


Secret Clearance.

CACI International Inc.

Midshipmen participating in the internship will apply their multi-faceted education and classroom experiences at the Naval Academy into real-world technology projects at one of the world’s leading commercial ventures. Midshipmen will also learn how a commercial business approaches and strives to meet the military’s on-going requirements for new computer-based technologies and operational systems. Areas of investigation include, but are not limited to experiential learning opportunities exposing midshipmen to real world, day-to-day operations and cutting edge cyber-related capabilities that CACI offers to various federal agencies with the goal to enhance awareness of the role that the federal contractor workforce provides as a valued team member to essential government programs. Interns will explore cyber missions of various federal government organizations around the DC area such as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the National Infrastructure Coordinating Center (NICC), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and others.


Arlington, VA


TS/SCI preferred.

Clarity Innovations

The midshipman’s role would be to assist our lead research and development team members in projects involving software engineering and development. 


Columbia, MD


Resides in Bancroft.   Daily commute to internship location.


This summer research experience will involve working on a range of internal security tools to improve the precision and recall of the data delivered to security investigators. The midshipmen/midshipwomen would be coding in PHP (Hack) and/or Python. No proficiency requirements are necessary, but the midshipmen/midshipwomen would

be expected to do some preliminary reading to ease their transition into the experience.


Menlo Park, CA




The internship will support development of a training capability intended to simulate WiFi networks and devices using a small USB “stick computer” plugged into a laptop. The proposed system will allow Combat Mission Teams supporting tactical cyber/SIGINT operations to conveniently train on WiFi computer network operations Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) without the need for deploying test network devices and without the risk of inadvertent collection/retention of private wireless communications. The interns(s) will develop Python based test scenarios using open source libraries and tools such as Scapy, dumbnet and MiniNet for WiFi packet generation to simulator presence of various devices on a WiFi network. In addition to writing the test scenarios, the intern(s) will be expected to participate in testing of their code and documentation of their work on a GitLab wiki.


Columbia, MD


US Citizenship.


Resides in Bancroft.   Daily commute to internship location.

Institute for Defense Analyses

Our work with the previous USNA interns has been specifically focused on Cyber hostility and Cyber intrusion missions. For example, recently we included two Midshipmen as authors on both the technical and the management volume of the Joint Service Provider Strategic Roadmap and Campaign plan for the Pentagon.


The midshipmen’s time here is divided between deep dive technical pursuits combined with leadership opportunities, including opportunities to contribute evidence-based analysis to SES/General Officer level DoD IT policy decisions. Previous interns have also done their capstone graduation project with us.

Alexandria, VA


Secret Clearance.

Johns Hopkins University APL

A midshipman participating in this internship will learn how a top-tier defense contractor with projects and research related to Naval systems operates.  Midshipmen will develop technical skills including data analysis, programming, cyber modeling/simulation, and network analysis.  They will likewise gain professional competence after working with highly-qualified engineers, corresponding and networking with their civilian counterparts.


      This internship will involve using midshipmen to support a number of projects at APL.  Midshipmen will be required to be on-site for all normal workdays for eight hours.  Deliverables and expectations will vary within the diverse efforts supported here, but midshipmen are expected to read background material, develop their skills, collaborate with peers and superiors, and work industriously.  An after-action report with feedback for APL is the only required deliverable.




Rising 2/C and 1/C only.  Secret Clearance.


Resides in Bancroft.   Daily commute to internship location.

Lockheed Martin

Data security is critical to DoD missions. Recent LM cyber analysis showed that spoofed radar tracks are detrimental to the Integrated Air/Missile Defense (IAMD) mission objectives, for example.  While cyber protection exists at the network layers, there is usually minimal security at the application and data layers.  By adapting Blockchain’s public ledger concept, mission critical data in system elements are distributed ensuring data confidentiality, integrity, and availability (C-I-A).  With Blockchain, any new transaction added to a blockchain will result in the change of the global state of the all ledgers, and the previous state will be stored—hence, providing in a fully traceable history log. The implication of this is that Blockchain provides a trusting environment that the transactions stored on the tamper-proof ledger are valid. The combination of sequential hashing and cryptography along with its decentralized structure makes it very challenging for any hacker to tamper with it in contrast to a standard standalone database configuration.  This project involves the development of a Blockchain prototype and determine its effectiveness in data protection given the distributed nature of the technology.  Part of the effort is to leverage existing simulation environment to project the impacts of Blockchain technology in an operational scenario so that mission level analysis can be performed. 

Moorestown, NJ


Secret Clearance.


This internship will involve projects in the area of Cyber, Data Science, Software Engineering, or Cloud applications.  Microsoft believes having the opportunity for exposure across many areas of the company provides a more valuable experience. The Midshipmen will have the opportunity to join teams in our Cyber Defense Operations Center, Azure Cloud Security, and Windows Defender. Our goal is to meet the specific goals or needs of the Midshipmen that match to their academic pursuits.


A midshipman participating in this internship will learn technology that currently supports the Navy and Marine Corps network centric warfare goals. Future leaders must understand how technology can be utilized for operations and decision making. Microsoft is a key partner with the DOD in many areas of technology and values the collaboration. Cloud Technology and AI (key Microsoft technologies) are key to the future of military operations

Redmond, WA


US Citizen Only.


Midshipman assigned would be integrated into the Cyber Warfare Detachment’s teams in the areas of Research and Development, Forensics and Incident Response.  They would receive hands on cyber training on Naval aircraft systems to include the F-18, E-2, P-8, V-22, MH-60 and UAV systems.  Midshipman would also take part in the development and upgrades of custom tools used for system analysis.  This internship is viewed as a learning opportunity for the Midshipmen where they will receive on the job training and can also contribute via the use of their current skill sets.  The expected outcome is that the Midshipmen will receive real world, hands on training and will leave with a more in depth understanding of current cyber vulnerabilities, threat vectors and threat payloads.  This will result in a more informed graduate and will lead to increased cyber awareness in our officer corps.


Patuxent River, MD


SECRET clearance.

Naval Research Lab

The intern will perform unclassified work related to advanced capability development for Cyber Defense at the NRL Center for High Assurance Computer Systems. This involves the research and development of advances in network or endpoint intrusion detection, malware analysis, and other technologies supporting the cyber defense lifecycle. Duties included 1) collection and review of scientific literature and technical documentation; 2) attendance of staff and project meetings; 3) software development and systems engineering; and 4) documentation and presentation of project progress and accomplishments. 

SE Washington, DC


US Citizens Only.


Resides in Bancroft.   Daily commute to internship location.



Northrop Grumman Corp


The Midshipman will have direct exposure to the technology required to conduct Cyber Operations. They will be able to connect capabilities developed by Northrop Grumman to an operational organization within the U.S. Government i.e. DoD or Interagency. They will be afforded the opportunity to select a technical problem, operational concept or policy, to sustain research and development at the conclusion of the internship. 

Annapolis Junction, MD


TS or Secret Clearance.


Resides in Bancroft.   Daily commute to internship location.

T. Rowe Price

This internship will give midshipmen the opportunity to understand cyber security from an enterprise standpoint as T. Rowe Price is an investment firm.  T. Rowe Price is an 85 year old, Baltimore based Financial Service firm that manages over $900MM of retirement assets for their clients.  They are 7,000 people strong; 1200 of which are in technology and 100 are in InfoSec/Cyber Security.

A midshipman participating in this internship will learn/understand:


Cyber Security for Cloud Environments

o         Explore current Identity and Access management solutions

o         Explore and determine automation and orchestration capabilities of well know cloud environments (AWS, Azure) to automate cyber hygiene enforcement and event automation and orchestration

o         Create risk models based on workloads and data for compute environments

o         Create legacy to cloud migration patterns and solution sets.




Owings Mill, MD




The midshipman will have the opportunity to work on a operational commercial network with industry leading equipment and subject matter experts in the fields of malware analysis, penetration testing, network defense, vulnerability management, cyber intelligence, and incident response.  Expect the midshipman to assist in daily operations and participate in developing innovative solutions to security problems.  Deliverables expected from the midshipman would be an outsider’s view of issues and a presentation of the midshipman’s experiences and contribution at the end of this engagement.


San Antonio, TX



Booz Allen Hamilton

CIRT:  Midshipmen will learn from the Booz Allen Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) through ‘hands-on’ experience in performing confirmation, initial triage, and investigation of cyber intrusions to develop skills in detection and remediation.  Using a combination of network forensics, host forensics and log analysis, the Midshipmen will work with CIRT to determine key factors of a potential compromise including scope, initiating vector, and exposure.  Midshipmen will interact with other CIRT cells and other Booz Allen units in the coordination of efforts for active response, and experience the challenges associated with providing recommendations for remediation and preventive measures.


Reverse Engineering:  Midshipmen will learn from expert reverse engineers to put problem-solving, hacking, and development skills to the test in a rapidly-evolving systems security research and development environment. These fast-paced, dynamic projects allow highly technical candidates with backgrounds in computer science, computer and electrical engineering, and systems engineering to be part of an exciting, cutting-edge team facing unique challenges requiring advanced software and hardware solutions.  Perform embedded and/or applications software development, vulnerability analysis, and operational support for complex systems. Knowledge in C/C++ and assembly language,  scripting languages, debugging, real-time operating systems, and in-depth knowledge of computer architectures and networking protocols are just a few of the disciplines our staff apply on a daily basis.

Annapolis Junction, MD and McClean, VA


MIDN at Annapolis Junction, MD location will reside and Bancroft and commute to the location.

GE Aviation

Midshipmen will work with the GE Aviation division on project of their choosing.  Below are some of the examples from last year:

●        Study attackers' use of malware in attacks, learn how to analyze malware with a focus on detection, document findings using internal reporting standards and processes. The malware analyst will be responsible for analyzing 4-5 malware samples following our internal standards, and providing helpful improvements and feedback to the program.

●        Analyst will study cyber threat activity, especially where it pertains to targeting of GE and GE industry sectors. Responsibilities include enriching our Cyber Threat knowledge through research projects which attempt to build atop collected intelligence to expand our understanding of threat actors.

●        Analyst will be responsible for processing intelligence reports and other products from internal & external sources of intelligence, so as to prepare observables for storage into a structured intelligence database (the open-source CRITs system). The analyst will familiarize themselves with the intelligence process such that they will be able to extract observables from inbound reporting, use documented context/content to enhance the raw set of key data points provided with metadata that informs IR teams, tool deployment, and other processes.

●        Analyst will be responsible for analyzing alerts generated by automated detection systems. The analyst will be trained to discern between malware attacks, non-malware attacks, and non-attacks which all may get reported by automated detection for analyst review. The analyst will be responsible for documenting findings and performing first-level triage investigation, artifact retrieval & storage, and documentation of findings/conclusions.


Cincinnati, Ohio


Secret Clearance.





To be considered for one of the Cyber internships, you must:

  • Be a Midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy
  • Be academically satisfactory
  • Be current with all cruise/summer training requirements


Application link:






Cyber Department internship coordinator:  LCDR Yasmin Odunukwe, 3-0936,





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