A Timeline History of the SY110 course at USNA

May 2009: President's 60-day Cyberspace Policy Review is completed. It includes an action item to "expand and train the workforce, including ... cyber security expertise in the Federal government".

July 2009: Dr. William Miller, USNA Academic Dean & Provost, creates the Cyber Warfare Ad Hoc Committee to define the scope of understanding of cyber security needed by midshipmen as future naval officers. The committee analyzed how other service academies and civilian undergraduate institutions incorporate cyber warfare concepts into their curricula. It also examined curricula at various graduate institutions to ascertain the educations and skills necessary for entry into their cyber warfare related curricula. The OPNAV and Commandant Marine Corps staffs were asked for their perspectives on the education our graduates should receive to help the Navy and Marine Corps in this area.

August 2009: Initial Report of the Cyber Warfare Ad Hoc Committee includes a recommendation to create a required core course resting on computer science and information technology that provides the technical foundations of Cyber Warfare. It is to be technical in nature, relevant to naval officers, and delivered in a hands-on and engaging manner.

January 2010: USNA Computer Science Department offers SI286A Fundamentals of Cyber Security as an elective.

April 2010: Dr. Andrew Phillips, USNA Academic Dean & Provost, forms the Ad Hoc Committee on Cyber Security Curriculum Options to examine integration of cyber in the USNA curriculum.

May 2010: The Ad Hoc Committee on Cyber Security Curriculum Options recommends a two course cyber sequence: Cyber 1 during 4/C year, and Cyber 2 during 2/C year.

September 2010: Dr. Frederic Davis, USNA Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, solicits the Computer Science Department for a Cyber 1 technical course proposal.

November 2010: Dr. Don Needham, Chair, Computer Science Department forwards two proposed Cyber 1 course syllabi formulated by the Computer Science Department Cyber Warfare Committee and approved and endorsed by the Computer Science Department Curriculum Committee.

January 2011: USNA Computer Science Department offers a revised SI286A Intro to Cyber Security as a prototype Cyber 1 course.

Spring 2011: VADM Miller, Superintendent, USNA, directs that Cyber 1 will be offered in Fall CY2011 for USNA Class of 2015.

March 2011: Dr. Frederic Davis, USNA Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, solicits a formal curriculum change request from the Computer Science Department to add SI110 Technical Foundations of Cyber Security as a plebe year course, based on the SI286A prototype. CAPT Robert Brennan, Director, Division of Mathematics & Science, forms the "Cyber 1 Tiger Team" to assess SI286A and begin its refinement into SI110. The Tiger Team is a mix of faculty from the Computer Science, Mathematics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments.

June 2011: Dr. Chris Brown named SI110 Course Coordinator. Computer Science Department assumes final SI110 curriculum development.

June - July 2011: Course materials are developed; course hardware and software infrastructure is acquired and tested.

August 22, 2011: First day of class; SI110 – Introduction to Cyber Security – Technical Foundations begins.

December 2013: Administration of SI110 transfers to USNA Center for Cyber Security Studies.

January 2015: USNA stands up Cyber Science Department, administration of SI110 transfers to Cyber Science Department.

Summer 2016: SI110 renumbered to SY110, to be consistent with other Cyber Science Department course numbering.