/6-Week Exam

General Exam Information

The 6-Week Exam will be an X-Period Exam, the exam is scheduled for 0655-0745 13 February 2018 . The exam will be held in various rooms in Chauvenet Hall and Michelson Hall (see Room Assignments).
The exam is closed notes, and closed laptop.

The following will be provided for you at the exam.
The supplement is not all inclusive of the material that you will be tested on.


The exam will cover content from the beginning of class, Introduction to Cyber Domain, up to and including the Networking: TCP/IP Introduction/Physical Layer.


DO NOT wait until Monday, 12 Feb to begin preparing for the 6-Week Exam. The below activities will assist you in preparing for the exam. If you can work through a question (homework, lab, previous exam) on your own, then you will likely do well on the exam.

Review Sessions

The following review sessions are planned for the Final Exam. The review sessions are open to all, but students of the given instructor have priority based on room accommodations.

6-Week Exam Review Sessions
Instructor Time/Date Location Attendance Limit
Mr. Johns 1900-2000 12 Feb 2018 RI102 250