Cyber Battlefield Introduction to Cyber Security
Digital Data: Bits & Bytes, Files
Hardware: Computer Architecture & PC Dissection Lab
Operating Systems: Basics & File Systems, Windows Shell & Permissions, Remote Access & UNIX Shell
programs: Statements & Variables, Input/Output, Conditionals, Loops
Basic Web: The Web & HTML, Build-a-Web-Site Lab
Intermediate Web: Client Side Scripting: Non-Event Driven, Event Driven, Forms
Advanced Web: Server Side Scripting, Injection Attacks & XSS
Networking: Basics, Ports Layers & Translation, Application Protocols, Nuts and Bolts, Build-a-LAN Lab, Wireless, Build-a-WLAN Lab
Cyber Security Tools Encryption: Symmetric, Asymmetric
Hashing & Passwords Activity
Cryptography in Practice: Digital Cryptography Tools and Applications, Digital Certificates Lab
Cyber Operations Forensics: Digital Forensics, Digital Forensics Lab
Reconnaissance: Phases of a Cyber Attack & Cyber Recon, Cyber Recon Lab
Attack: Malware, Cyber Attack, Cyber Attack Lab, Cyber Attack Lab Debrief
Defense: Cyber Defense, Cyber Defense Lab
Case Studies