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Running JavaScript programs

Debugging JavaScript programs

Bug in the System

This photo documents the first reported case of an actual bug in a system. This bug was found by RADM Grace Hopper's team in a Mark II computer at a U.S. Navy research lab in Dahlgren, VA.
If the HTML and JavaScript do not seem to appear in the Developer Tools window, be sure to open it first (shortcut: Ctrl-Shift-J), then refresh the browser page.

Conditional Statements

Comparison Operators: ==, !=, <, >, <=, >=

A simple Guess a number game

Boolean Operators: &&, ||, !

Dealing with Unexpected Input

A weird answer isn't necessarily a security flaw, but a somewhat more complex program is needed to show how the same idea can lead to real security problems.

Security Evaluation of IT Products

DoD Instruction 8500.2 states that any information technology products to be used on systems with classified data must be evaluated using an international standard of security evaluation called Common Criteria (CC). These evaluations could take up to 2 years and may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Once the evaluation is complete, the product is not guaranteed to be secure. It is merely evaluated using expected criteria.